The Formula for Quality – S+E=Q


Group legal plans will aggressively market their pre-paid legal services. These companies will make a point of telling what they will do for a client’s workforce. We have no problem with anyone promoting what they can do. Nevertheless, we maintain the right formula for any group legal plan is S + E = Q (Service + Empathy = Quality). Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services adheres to that formula.

Helping All Plan Members

Countrywide wants to help plan members with common everyday legal challenges. The problems vary from person to person. One may need help writing a simple will while another wants advice on how to file a consumer protection complaint. The Countrywide group legal plan exists to assist.

We do not rely on webpages to provide service. All our pre-paid legal services are provided by seasoned attorneys. Lawyers are part of a nationwide network. We have legal professionals practicing in a client’s community. Countrywide encourages rapport between the plan member and the lawyer. The relationship is cultivated in several ways.

Face-to-face meetings is the best way. It is not difficult at all to schedule a conference with a Countrywide lawyer. Our plan members have priority status and receive immediate attention. A person may have a lot of questions and that is no problem for us. All inquiries are answered completely and professionally. A plan member might forget to ask a question or may have one arise after the meeting. This same person might worry whether he or she will be billed for the follow-up question. There is no need to be concerned. Countrywide allows a plan member to make an unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney on a given situation. There is no charge for that pre-paid legal services benefit.

There other things a Countrywide attorney will do to help. Additional information or an attorney’s intervention may be critical for solving problems. The lawyer is permitted to make telephone calls and write letters on behalf of plan member. All the support goes a long way to resolve any issue.

Help from the Client

Countrywide has been helping all kinds of organizations for more than 30 years. We do not know everything about various workforces despite our experience. Countrywide understands that organizations have different demographics and unique employee needs. We need some help in developing a good plan and it comes from the client.

Decision-makers can choose what Countrywide services they want in their group legal plan. An executive may want medical powers of attorney assistance but skip help with government agencies. We respect those decisions because we know employers are familiar with what their workers want. The selection will be included in the final document.

The Importance of Empathy

There is quite a bit of information about emotional intelligence. This is considered a key factor in customer service and Countrywide takes it seriously. We want our lawyers to exhibit a high degree of empathy for every one of our plan members.

Legal matters can cause a great deal of anxiety. The group legal plan member doesn’t know what to do and will often ask what appear to be foolish questions. We do not think any question asked of attorney is ridiculous or out of place. When we recruit new lawyers, we look for their ability to show great people skills. Those who can relate to a person’s concerns are the ones whom we want providing our services. Countrywide has built up a reputation for being very responsive to all members, regardless of their job title. We expect to continue that reputation and insist that all our plan members be treated with great respect.

High-quality member services are something we take pride in giving. We encourage interested parties to find out more about what we do to make life easier for people. We ask that you call us at your earliest convenience and please feel free to ask a lot of questions. We want to be able to tell you in detail what we can do for your employees.