Mapping Out 2019 – We Help Make the Future Brighter


The new year is a great time to organize your finances. The 2019 calendar year is just starting, and a person can plan for the months ahead. Personal budgets are new territory for some people and financial wellness guidance can help.

Starting on the Right Foot

People are not always in financial trouble; they only need some new ideas. A new college graduate is seeing the end of the loan grace period. That person wants to know how to budget and meet the monthly loan repayments. Someone else wants to stretch his or her income a bit to pay bills and still save some money. Every individual has a personal need.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides a financial wellness program for employers to consider. It is a benefit to assist employees in keeping their financial house in order.

Analyze the Cash

We work with a nationwide network of certified counselors. They are financial professionals with high emotional intelligence levels and their mission is to help.

A primary benefit is a budget analysis. A Countrywide counselor will review a plan member’s income and expenses. It is important to do this as many have a poor notion of their finances. The analysis provides the framework for overall fine-tuning of the budget. The counselor then provides the critical guidance.

The service depends on the individual’s need. A college graduate will get ideas on how to request refinancing and learn about programs to reduce interest costs. Anyone with credit card troubles will learn how to drive down the balances without taking drastic measures. Financial wellness plan members facing bankruptcy find out what to do to make the process successful.

Of course, some people need help in saving for big purchases such as buying a house. Countrywide has a self-study program for those first-time buyers.

Employers Can Use Financial Wellness

Employees need benefits that offer necessary assistance with important issues. Personal finances are critical areas and people appreciate any help. An employer who offers a financial wellness benefit is doing the employees a favor.

How the service is provided is also important. Folks want to be treated with respect; nobody likes a sermon. Countrywide chooses counselors with exceptional people skills. These are people who will solve budget dilemmas and do so with courtesy and empathy. Plan members do not feel embarrassed working with the Countrywide counselors. They are grateful for any advice received that makes their financial wellness picture look better.

An organization does need a good return on any investment. Any employee benefit offered to the staff should be used by as many people as possible. Countrywide tries to make this happen by allowing employers to select benefit options. Decision-makers will look at all our financial wellness benefits and pick those which will be part of the final plan document. We backup the selection with exceptional member services. In addition to high emotional intelligence, our counselors will give priority to a Countrywide plan member. Employees thus get superior employee benefits combined with the very best service.

Organizations are concentrating on new objectives and goals for the coming months. Financial wellness benefits are excellent additions to the employee benefits package. Our clients have told us how much their employees like the assistance they get with their money management issues. It goes without saying that the attention given increases morale and productivity.

Our financial wellness program intends to help people solve common problems with personal finances and provide the kind of advice necessary to plan for major purchases in addition to driving down outstanding debt. You may have some questions about what we offer. We want to be able to answer every one of them. With that in mind, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We welcome the chance to share information with you.