The Credit Bill Cometh – Countrywide Shows How to Handle It


Christmas has come and gone, leaving wrapping paper all over the floor and boxes waiting to be tossed out. It is no secret people enjoy this holiday and they want to be generous with family and friends. A person may become a little too generous and overuse the credit card. It creates a situation that threatens financial wellness. The same person who acted like Santa Claus will face a credit card bill that is above and beyond what he or she can afford.

Credit cards are convenient. There is no question about that. Retailers will admit they prefer people using credit cards because the shoppers will spend more money than if they use cash. These conveniences, which are almost necessities for some, will carry double-digit interest rates. There also may be other penalties, depending on the card. Anyone can get overwhelmed by the bill received in January. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services understands the anxiety of post-holiday debt. We have a program that assists in making the payments without drastic decisions.

Last Minute Shopping Is Expensive

Last minute Christmas shopping is frantic, and buyers won’t always look at the price tags. The day of reckoning arrives in January and the cost of Christmas presents becomes obvious. Folks can panic and wonder how to pay the bill. Countrywide has the answer.

We use a nationwide network of certified counselors. These professionals know the damage credit card debt can cause. They are available to help financial wellness plan members get out of trouble. A personal meeting is arranged and the counselor will do a budget analysis. Many people like this because the analysis tells them about income and expenses in detail. The Countrywide counselor will point out how to pay off credit debt and suggest budget changes which free up funds. An organized way of paying down the card balances will result from the meetings.

Folks don’t enjoy being told how to manage their finances — the discussions embarrass them. Countrywide counselors are sensitive to plan members reactions. Our professionals carefully point out ways to manage credit cards and to avoid common mistakes people make. We are all about finding a solution to a problem before that challenge gets worse.

Financial wellness plan members can be assured that their situation is taken seriously. Our counselors know Countrywide plan members are given priority when it comes to service. Nobody is asked to wait too long. We have an administration that is tailored to quick delivery of services. People will find out quickly how efficient our staff is, and the service is the best.

Employers Should Take Notice of Financial Wellness

This kind of benefit is not frivolous. Millennials and new college graduates want to know more about how they can manage their budgets and escape serious debt. Older employees appreciate knowing more about how to budget their resources, and plan for future purchases. Countrywide counselors can provide very useful information.

Employers can provide a great benefit for their workforce. Countrywide is a leader in the industry and we have a reputation for service. We want the financial wellness plan to be tailored to the needs of the workforce. Accordingly, we permit clients to choose what benefits will be part of their financial wellness plan. We know that some of our options won’t be in the final plan document and there is no problem. We would prefer that Countrywide give service that all the employees can use. We want to give full value to everyone.

You might have a few questions about our benefits and we encourage you to ask. We welcome any opportunity to tell people more about how we can be of service. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience to find out more about Countrywide and the benefits we can give your employees.