Medical Bills Can Be Scary Proper Guidance Drives Fear Away


No one should assume their group health insurance covers everything. It doesn’t. There are certain medical procedures the plan will not pay. There are other kinds of healthcare where the insurance company will pay only a fraction of the cost. Combined with a high deductible, a person’s financial wellness may be in trouble.

Medical Expenses Can Be A Challenge

Medical expenses will hit hard. The final bill can be in the thousands of dollars. People may panic and make hasty decisions when confronted with the entire cost. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is aware of the anxiety. We offer a financial wellness plan to make sense of those large doctor bills.

People will pay more for knowing less. Employees who are unfamiliar with medical billing will panic when they open their mail. The Countrywide network of certified financial counselors is there to shine light on a dark subject. These financial experts know the structure of medical bills. They will explain to a financial wellness plan member what an EOB is, how insurance pays its share of the cost, and what is that person’s real financial obligation. New awareness can cause the blood pressure to go down.

However, medical costs might not end with the calendar year. In fact, treatment can overlap the years and a person must pay the full deductible more than once. It will create a snowball effect which increases the total debt. Anyone can be overwhelmed and be forced into financial difficulty

Countrywide can help. We have a Debt Management Plan for those in serious trouble. This special service includes help with negotiating payments and ongoing counselling The Debt Management Plan will cost a bit more, but some people need it. The alternative might be filing for bankruptcy.

We Give Usable Financial Wellness Advice

A Countrywide counselor will go over the figures. He or she will identify where some ordinary expenses in the budget might be lowered to keep paying for the medical care. The counselors will explore the different ways of paying the bills. A counseling session, by the way, is not embarrassing. Our counselors must live up to the Countrywide standards of member service. All plan members are going to be treated with respect. Counselors give service quickly and efficiently.

We want to point out that our services complement each other. We have primary options and the secondary services make them more efficient. Medical bills, unfortunately, can require assets to be sold. Our financial wellness program includes an asset inventory. The counselor will help a plan member discover his or her true value and all the available assets. Something as simple as cashing in a whole life insurance policy is a viable alternative to selling a car.

Countrywide works with all kinds of organizations on a routine basis. Individual workforces are different, and demographics will vary. We believe decision-makers know a lot more than we do about staff needs. We allow clients to decide on the plan’s benefits options. It is possible to have medical debt assistance but not our house buying program. The client will decide; not us.

We Are Committed to Service

The greatest benefit of a Countrywide plan is the service. Our certified counselors are skilled professionals but that is not good enough. People skills are a priority issue which we insist be part of the tool box. The counselor must communicate in a way that respects a plan member. We insist no plan member be forced to wait for services. Our administration is intentionally streamlined to speed up the process.

Our financial wellness plan is something that address current issues for many employees. There are options that are solutions to what could be serious problems. We invite all interested parties to contact us and find out more of what we have to offer. We have a benefit all your employees can usedebt-relief-pill-300x255