Medical Debt Assistance is Strong Medicine

Deductibles Create Sizable Expenses




Folks are understandably concerned about credit card debt and college loan payments. There is another major financial presence in the room and has to do with health. Medical care is not inexpensive at all. In fact, some of those bills pose a real danger to a normal person’s financial wellness.

Deductibles are the Problem’s Source

Organizations have tried to control costs by raising the deductible in their health plans. It is a management decision with which most healthy people have no problem. However, anyone who must have surgery for a broken arm or leg knows what the price can be. Such medical attention can cost thousands of dollars, and the deductible must be met before full coverage kicks in. Moreover, the deductible starts all over again each year, so that anyone who has therapy in one year may be paying even more if the therapy also takes place in the following year. Some employees are drowning in a sea of medical bills. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is aware of this dilemma. We choose to respond to it by offering medical debt assistance in our financial wellness program.

Some vendors, particularly group legal plans, provide service with information pages and emails. To Countrywide, this is not acceptable, and there must be more. We base our services on face-to-face assistance. We have a network of certified counselors who respond to the medical debt problems if a financial wellness plan member has them. The counselor is aware that healthcare providers are not interested in using collection agencies. It Is better to deal directly with the individual then have to pay an agency fee to get the money. The Countrywide counselor will, first of all, look at a person’s finances. By doing a budget analysis, it can be determined how much of a medical bill is payable monthly.

Great Advice is Provided

The plan member gets suggestions and tips on how to negotiate payments with the hospital. It is possible that the debt situation may have gotten out of hand because of very serious medical problems. Countrywide offers a debt management plan, which will cost a little bit more but provides additional assistance in getting out of financial distress. This is one of the options that is available for a financial wellness plan member.

It can be by telephone call or person-to-person conference through which we provide the service. The Countrywide counselor is expected to provide courtesy and respect to any individual. There’s no intention to lecture or preach a sermon but to find a real solution to a pressing problem. Our counselors have an excellent track record in getting people out of a debt jam.



Countrywide Helps Organizations Maintain Employee Morale

Organizations are facing a serious dilemma. They raised deductibles to contain medical costs but face employee dissatisfaction with deductible payments. Countrywide provides an option which can help. An employer can offer a financial wellness plan with the medical debt assistance. That way, employees face with large deductible payments get support from the organization. It can help decrease any anger caused by a large medical payment.

Medical assistance is only one of the options we offer. Countrywide is committed to helping ordinary people solve daily financial challenges. We also have help with college loan debt, education on how to buy a house, and other benefits that offer great support. A client may choose what benefits will be part of their financial wellness plan. We provide the service and do it in a very cost-effective way.

Decision-makers might have some questions about what Countrywide provides. We welcome any inquiries we want to discuss how our programs are going to help hard-working employees. We ask all interested parties to contact us as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you, and we are ready to answer any of your questions.