The Value of a Living Will

Gives the Instructions Hospitals Need




Most people know what the last will is, but not everybody understands a living will. It doesn’t seem to make sense; wills are meant for after you die, right? That is not the case at all. A living will is something drafted to be in effect when you’re alive, and a good group legal plan offers drafting a living will as a service.

Preventing a Catastrophe

A living will is something to prepare in the event of a medical disaster. A person may be the victim or an auto accident or a massive stroke. This individual is left comatose in either circumstance and cannot communicate what he or she wants done as far as medical care is concerned.

The hospital will work to keep an individual alive even if he or she is flatlined in a brain scan. It means life-support systems are kept running, possibly for years. Family members are thus required to endure a wait that could last indefinitely into the future. Nothing can be done with the person’s estate, and this adds to the tragedy. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does not want anyone to have to suffer through something like this. Drafting a living will is an option of a Countrywide group legal plan.

Countrywide Responds Quickly

Getting an appointment with a Countrywide attorney is easy. We have a nationwide network of lawyers, and legal assistance is close by. A plan member can sit down with the attorney and discuss what will be in the living will. This individual can specify what type of medical treatment is to be done when he or she is unconscious. This can include instructions on when life support systems are to be stopped.

Ordinarily, medical powers of attorney are also reviewed. This is a pre-paid legal service by which an individual can appoint a trusted person to provide instructions on the medical care given. All this provides a framework within which the medical care providers can work.

The value of the living will, and the medical powers of attorney as well, is in providing guidance on what is to be done in extreme medical situations. Any doubt is removed. Granted, family members will be saddened if the living will instructions require life support systems be turned off. This is better, however than waiting and hoping for a miracle that may never come. Composing a living will is a sensitive exercise, and our attorneys can handle this. We expect all of them to have superior personal skills, and show the empathy and courtesy plan members expect.

An Example of Management Compassion

Drafting a living will is a pre-paid legal service benefit that helps end a personal tragedy. Loved ones can begin the grieving process, and estate matters can be resolved. It is an opportunity for management to show a real sense of concern for the well-being of survivors. Management also has an opportunity with Countrywide to compose a group legal plan for the organization’s demographics. We have options that can be used by any or all demographics of the workforce. Living wills are one benefit but also help with public agencies and warranties. These are all options which a decision-maker may select for an organization. We will develop the plan for the client’s approval and provide superior service expected.

Service Makes Us the Best

The professional service combined with a human touch are the reasons why Countrywide is one of the leading vendors in the group legal plans industry. Each one of our options are meant to help ordinary people deal with everyday situations. We have a variety of benefits, and we encourage decision-makers to ask us about them. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience and ask as many questions as you would like to do. We will provide complete answers.