Moving on from COVID-19 The Process can Be A Positive Experience

stockfresh_5252485_young-happy-businesswoman-talking-on-the-phone-and-writing-notes-in-office_sizeS-300x200We are coming out of the pandemic. First Texas, and now other states are dropping mask requirements and schools are re-opening. It is a relief to return to near normalcy, but no one can rest on false hopes. COVID-19 is still here, and there is a chance of a relapse. Vendors of group legal plans must think long term and respond to the changes in the workplace and what precautions and services are expected.

Safety, Always First

Plan members want direct contact with those who will provide pre-paid legal services. Chat rooms are not sufficient. Providers must have safety protocols that provide sanitary conditions and reduce the risk of infection. The use of Zoom technology helps, and a fax machine will get the job done at a safe distance. Any office visit will require social distancing and face masks available for use.

Being Sensitive to Remote Workers

We all hear about the advantages of working at home, but there are some challenges. Remote workers can feel alienated and no longer a part of the work team. A group legal plan member who works from home can become nervous with any lengthy delays of service. Plan providers must quickly deliver the required assistance.

The provider must remember that remote workers can have higher than normal anxiety levels or frustration-listening skills matter in these pandemic days. The provider needs to have the ability to show courtesy, empathy, and respect. These are necessary traits of emotional intelligence.

Time to Reflect on the Days to Come

Quarantine and the threat of being infected with a deadly disease will make people pause. Folks realize their time on earth is limited and they must put things in order. A group legal plan must offer living will, medical powers of attorney, simple wills, and dealing with public agencies. These are essential services that enable a plan member to be ready for any emergency.

Countrywide Rises to the Challenge

We have proactively responded to the pandemic. Our nationwide network of attorneys has established safety procedures and uses technology to enhance social distancing. We recruit attorneys based on people skills in addition to legal expertise. A client can expect an employee will be treated with respect.

The pre-paid legal services mentioned earlier are among the benefits Countrywide has for its group legal plan members. Simple wills of up to six pages and livings wills are among the legal documents prepared for employees. We also will do document reviews and offer guidance on consumer protection, among other things.

Countrywide is aware of how remote employees may get overly concerned about any delays. Our benefits administration is streamlined to allow for rapid response to requests. There is a Countrywide attorney in every community where there is a Countrywide client. It does not matter if an employee works at the office or from home; every plan member gets assistance as soon as possible.

The Client has the Final Say

We want to give a pre-paid legal services benefit that each person in a client organization can use. The best way to assure it happens is to ask the client to select which Countrywide benefit options will be part of the plan document. We will present to a prospective client all the group legal plan services we have.

We will then ask the decision-makers to pick those services they would like to have in the final benefit. Regardless of what is selected, those chosen benefits are going to be provided to the employees. Every client can expect high levels of emotional intelligence and immediate response whenever an employee needs help from Countrywide.

The future of any pre-paid legal services benefit rests on giving a little extra. Countrywide’s response to the COVID-19 challenge has been phenomenal, and our current clients will agree with that statement. If you have any questions about us, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We welcome the opportunity to explain what we can do for you.