Navigating the Cash Flow – Countrywide Will Help You Steer

stockfresh_225020_eraser-and-word-debt_sizeS-300x200Many employees are frustrated by personal finances. They are making decent money, but they aren’t sure where it is all going. Big purchases or medical bills can be a hit to the wallet, and the person doesn’t know what to do.


The money problems don’t always threaten financial wellness. However, anyone will get anxious if personal finances appear out of order. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows that money matters can stress out a person. We have a benefit plan that assists members as they negotiate financial waters.


Counselors Help Strengthen Financial Wellness


Countrywide makes use of a national network of certified counselors to help frustrated plan members. These money professionals help people with common financial problems. Making sense of personal finances is a standard service they provide.


A counselor works with the plan member. A budget analysis is a building block for constructing a sensible financial house. The counselor analyzes the income and expenses of a plan member, noting the cash flow and spending habits. This professional sets objectives based on what the plan member wants. After that, the counselor makes suggestions on how to reach the benchmarks, which may include paying off credit cards, cutting back on certain expenses, or saving a little extra each paycheck.


Budget analysis is not the only service in the counselor’s toolbox. An asset inventory identifies what a financial wellness plan member has that can be used for expenses. Stocks, whole life insurance policies, collectibles, and other financial assets might be sold to secure needed cash. Plan members are often surprised at the value of what they have.


Service in an Emergency


Sadly, the money picture for some is poor. Foreclosure or bankruptcy might be the only viable option. Countrywide counselors will help a plan member through the process and explain what to do. Countrywide will offer the financial wellness education needed to emerge from a bankruptcy filing successfully. Our advice can help a person on the road to financial recovery.


We Will Not Lecture


Personal finances are a private matter for many people, and they get embarrassed when things go out of control. It is why they hesitate to ask for help: they do not want to be teased or hear a stern sermon.


There is no reason to worry about that with Countrywide. We are focused on helping financial wellness plan members solve problems. Our years of experience have told us that emotional intelligence is perhaps the best quality any counselor can have. We, therefore, look at the personal skills of a counselor before we do business with that person. We want to know if this professional will treat a plan member with the kindness and sensitivity the situation requires. We are proud of our reputation for offering help from counselors who understand empathy.


We Look to the Clients


Countrywide offers a variety of financial wellness help. We can assist plan members with college loan problems or medical bills, among other services. We want every employee to have an opportunity to use our benefit. We do not know the demographics of all our client organizations. Consequently, we ask the management to give us some help.

We will explain all of our benefit options to decision-makers and let them decide what will be part of their plan. We advise, but we will not market one service over another. We know it is essential to have a good fit between what we provide and what employees need. Countrywide respects the choices and offers some of the best administrative services in the industry. We can give the kind of assistance an employee appreciates.


Having control over finances and being able to deal with money problems is an enormous confidence boost for anyone. We want to be able to help your employees achieve that positive state of mind. If you want to know more about our benefits, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We are ready to answer any questions.