You Need Good Advice

Countrywide Has the Right Answers


Nobody intends to be spendthrift. Employees do try to live within their means and spend less than what they make. Life sometimes comes at a person from out of left field. It might be an auto repair, a medical charge, or something else that just throws the budget out the window. It often is hard to regain financial wellness. A major expense may have several smaller bills from several different places. It is tough to try to get things under control. People will panic and just throw up their hands. It is important to have good advice to get out of a financial crisis. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides a plan to help.

Information Gathering is the First Step

We take a proactive approach to dealing with financial wellness problems. The cornerstone of all our services are the certified counselors who are part of a nationwide network. These people provide the type of guidance a person needs. Information gathering is critical, and a budget analysis is the means Countrywide uses to collect personal financial data. The counselor looks at the cash; where it is coming from and where it is going.

The money leaving accounts can go in many directions. It might be college loan debts are harming financial wellness. The Countrywide counselor can recommend programs that might ease the burden. It could be a health care bill. Countrywide counselors know healthcare providers want to work with patients. Suggested ways of budgeting for the medical expenses will be on the table. Consolidation strategies to ease the credit card burden receive close attention. The guidance makes effective budgeting much easier

All the action happens in a face-to-face conference. It allows for better rapport between the plan member and the counselor. What is interesting is the way budget analysis sessions can reduce anxiety. The financial wellness plan member might not fully appreciate the cash flow and expenses of the household. It can come as a relief as he or she finds out there are ways to trim payments in one area and use the cash to pay down debt in another.

Management Decides What is Best

There are severe cases where additional help is necessary. Countrywide has the debt management plan. It is a program that costs a little bit more but is very worthwhile. It will include ongoing counseling and support from the Countywide counselor. It is not something for everybody, but those who need the assistance appreciate it. It is well worth the money spent.

Employees are beginning to insist that management helps them maintain personal financial wellness. The Countrywide benefit is something that provides cost-efficient service and the right to choose. Decision-makers can decide what benefits will be part of financial wellness plan offered to employees. That way, maximum return on any investment is realized.

Countrywide will provide superior service no matter what the benefit options are. Just as if they were qualifying for a group legal plan relationship with us, counselors must demonstrate superior personal skills. No one wants a lecture, and no one will get one from Countrywide. Our counselors are patient and provide excellent guidance and advice. Clients comment favorably on how the Countrywide counselors behave in the one-on-one counseling and the treatment plan members received. We encourage any prospective client to check our references and ask our clients about us. Countrywide establishes high standards of service, and we live up to them.

Countrywide provides help to solve modern financial challenges. Each of our benefit options addresses a unique area. We encourage decision-makers to get in touch with us and find out more about what we offer, including our group legal plans. There is something for everyone in the Countrywide package.