Do You Need a Service Contract?

They Do Not Always Deliver on Promises

Close up of lease agreement empty document with pen

Service contracts are relatively common in the auto industry. Dealerships will offer them as something extra to purchase. The concept of service contracts has gone beyond cars and trucks. It is possible to get a service contract for various appliances and even computer software. The question arises as to whether or not you need it. A group legal plan attorney can help you make the decision.

Trouble in the Details

Essentially, the document means you will receive service in the event there is a problem with the product. It ordinarily means a failure to function properly. The contract sounds like a good idea, but a person has to investigate the paperwork carefully. There may be provisions in which the service contract is put into use and other situations where it cannot. For example, a service contract for the car might not be active if there is a warranty already in place. It is also possible that the paperwork includes automatic renewal of service contracts.

Your bank account may get hit with a bill for an automatic renewal when you do not expect it. What may be in the details is sufficient reason to inspect the service contract carefully. Not too many people, however, fully understand the language of these papers. Pre-paid legal services benefits will provide an attorney to interpret the legal jargon. Reviewing contracts and other legal documents is a benefit option Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has for an organization to consider.

Our Lawyers Uncover the Facts

Service contracts are not lengthy pieces of work. The six-page limit Countrywide has is sufficient to cover the need to inspect the papers. An attorney can quickly look through what is being offered before signature. He or she quickly point out whether or not service contract is worth the paper it is printed on. A group legal plan can make a better decision with the information received. It can happen that a service contract is a good idea. On the other hand, it may be nothing more than another expense to be perhaps paid every year. The plan member benefits either way.

Any trouble with a service contract can lead to a consumer protection complaint. Countrywide has an option which will allow attorneys to help with the filing of such a grievance. It is one of the benefits we provide for clients. There are other amenities to make a Countrywide legal plan worth thinking about. Face-to-face consultations are easy to arrange and plan member has the right to unlimited telephone calls on a given situation. If a consumer protection complaint must be filed, the attorney can provide correspondence a letterhead stationery or make phone calls for the plan member. These are services that are part of the benefit, regardless of what options are selected.

The Client May Choose

The ability to choose the benefit options which be part of the plan is a way of improving quality. We have worked with organizations since 1987, and we understand how each is unique. When a client can select the benefit options, the final benefit is something that is used by every demographic in the workforce. The return on investment in a Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services benefit is thus much larger. We also see to it that administration is quick. We do not want to have any group legal plan member, regardless of job title, be forced to wait long for attention.

The service contract has to provide real value to the person who will be thinking of buying one. All contracts and legal paperwork have to be understood to prevent problems from arising at a later date. Our review of legal papers helps the plan member avoid any embarrassment. The other options we provide in a group legal plan all deliver the kind of service necessary in modern society. We welcome the opportunity to explain a decision-maker of the full value of a countrywide pre-paid legal services benefit plan.