Millennials in the Workforce

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 There is a common understanding that Millennials come into the labor force full of enthusiasm and saddled with college debt. The amounts of money owed are well into the five figures, and in some cases over six figures. These young employees face years of having to pay off their college loans. It is a daunting situation for them to be in. Their financial wellness is a primary concern.

The college debt situation is a partial blessing and also a partial curse. It shows that young people understand the importance of a college education and are willing to accept the price. That helps organizations because it means that skilled talent is entering the workforce. These employees will be able to contribute quickly. On the other hand, their debt obligations can occupy their thoughts, to say the least. What they need more than anything else is good advice on how to manage the payments. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness program which can offer valuable support.

Looking Through Alternatives

No one is necessarily forced to pay large sums of money. There are possibilities where interest payments are negotiable, and there are various means of meeting the debt obligation. Many people do not know what their options are, and a counselor is valuable in these situations. He or she can point out to the other employee what can be done and what does not need to be worried about.

Consolidation loans are possible, but certain debts cannot be part of a debt merger. The counselor is quick to point that out to avoid trouble later on. It is natural for someone to feel a little self-conscious and embarrassed when talking about finances. Countrywide respects this and lets the financial wellness counselors know everyone needs to be treated like adults. The important criterion is to see to it that the question of college debt receives attention. It may take one or several sessions, but when the entire experience is finished a millennial has a better understanding of what needs to be accomplished. This person is more than grateful to the employer who provided the help.

Countrywide Provides Options

Millennials are an important part of the workforce, but they’re not the only demographic. Other people need help dealing with debt and just figuring out a budget. Countrywide allows employers to make choices in the financial wellness program. We have a number of options from which to choose, and the client can decide which ones best fit the needs of the staff. In this fashion, all employee’s, not just recent college graduates, have a benefit which they can use.


Regardless of what the final program design happens to be Countrywide promises to provide the very best service. Every financial wellness plan member has a right to expect proper service from Countrywide. Our nationwide network of counsel assures any organization there will be a counselor close to any employee. Our people are expected to show empathy and courtesy to all plan members The experience may start out as a little sobering, but the solutions are discovered and the plan member feels better at the end of the session.

Millennials bring a lot of enthusiasm and technical skills to any organization. They will be instrumental in the future success and achievement of corporate goals. Their work is made more efficient once the worry over college debt is gone. The end of anxiety perhaps the greatest advantage Countrywide can provide for any organization. We have helped employers since 1987 to offer benefits that matter to their employees. Our financial wellness program is one of those benefits. We welcome the opportunity to explain more about it. Decision-makers are encouraged to contact us to learn more about the Countrywide services