Offering Efficient Benefits

Countrywide benefits have superior return on investment
Efficiency is a mantra of employee benefits. It is not enough to provide something that employees might appreciate; a benefit must be easy to administer and also cost-effective. It is difficult to justify anything less.

A group legal plan is most definitely a benefit that covers all three bases. Legal benefits help employees deal with matters such as immigration, estate planning, landlord – tenant disputes, and property issues. The best of these plans will also allow for the review of contracts and other important papers. A group legal plan stands out because it is so easy to administer. Many are set up as payroll deduction plans without a lot of tedious paperwork. This means that human resources will not have staff tied down administering a plan, allowing them to deal with issues other than legal benefits for employees.

Management Benefits

There is no reason to think that group legal plans do not help management. They do, and the aid is in the area of productivity. Issues that involve the law and the courts often follow the employee into the workplace. He or she will then spend time trying to sort through a mess, taking time it should be spent on work projects. Legal benefits for employees allow problems to be moved out of the cubicle and into the office of an attorney who is part of the legal network established by a group legal plan. These professionals are there to be of service to any plan member and offer valuable legal benefits, such as contract review and consultation. Other provisions, such as representation in court, are made available through a group legal plan at substantially low costs.

Absenteeism is a problem as far as productivity is concerned, but there is another challenge that can be equally damaging. Presenteeism, being physically at work but not contributing to the efforts, is a danger of the workplace brought on by outside distractions. Human resources knows how dangerous this phenomenon is, and a prepaid legal services plan helps minimize the interference with normal workflow. Those who are faced with family law issues or small claims court cases are not as obsessed about the problem if there is a lawyer working on the matter. Both absenteeism and presenteeism are reduced when legal problems are no longer an overpowering concern. Without having to worry over details or paper filings because an attorney is handling them, productive employees are able to concentrate more on work projects. That is something that management definitely wants to see.

Easy Administration

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has been designing legal benefits for years. Understanding how various organizations have specific needs Countrywide works with management, particularly human resources directors, to craft a group legal plan that fits the requirements of a specific group of employees. The Countrywide product can be in the form of a payroll deduction and that is definitely an advantage. Human resources departments have enough on their plate without time spent on administrative matters. Legal benefits that are handled through payroll deduction are very simple to operate and permit a great benefit that doesn’t require lots of time.

Employee benefits that provide a worthwhile service without being expensive are ideal for any size company or organization. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is able to develop whatever is needed to provide the right kind of legal benefit for any employer. We welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss all that we have to offer that can make a business or organization a great place to work. All it takes is a phone call, and we would be happy to answer any and all questions that a human resources director would like to ask of us.