Taking a Close Look at the Bottom Line

A contract review prevents trouble later
Parties enter into contracts for any number of reasons, and usually both sides are relieved when all the negotiation and reviews are done. There can be a desire to quickly sign the paper and move on but that could be a mistake. In fact, it may be a situation of “sign in haste, repent at leisure”.

Very Complex Details

Contracts can be very bulky documents and very tedious to read. However, little devils lurk in some of the details. Hidden in a subsection may be a requirement or prohibition that was not expected but has to be followed. The wording is not immediately obvious for somebody with untrained eyes, but carries the weight of law and will have to be observed should the document be signed. Someone who is not well versed in contractual definitions really does need a lawyer to look at things. If his or her employer has a group legal plan, an awful lot of later grief is avoided.

These plans will include a benefit that allows for contract reviews. The seasoned eyes of an attorney can quickly go to those areas of the document where there may be potential trouble, and single out damaging clauses. These legal experts can also help amend or revise the contract so that it is less difficult to follow. A group legal plan that takes in consideration the need for contractual review is a serious benefit for employees. It relieves them of having to sift through the legalese.

Countrywide Benefits

A rather heavy burden is taken off their backs at the same time. Trying to decipher legal documents can be very frustrating, and distract a person from more important matters, including work assignments. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services understands that trying to understand legal paperwork is difficult for anyone living in New York. A group legal plan that Countrywide develops allow for a review of legal documents. Members of these prepaid legal services plans can have an attorney cover up to six pages of legal paperwork. This includes not just contracts, but rental agreements, promissory notes, and leases as well. It happens many times that having a lawyer available makes the other party more willing to make changes, and persuades them to eliminate unreasonable requirements. People appreciate having such a service, because it allows for potential problems to be discovered quickly.

They also appreciate the employer who is sensitive enough about their personal problems to offer a benefit that can help. A group legal plan is not difficult to administer and that is something the human resources director definitely will like. Because these are prepaid legal services plans a payroll deduction can be set up, and there’s no need for excessive administrative procedures. Countrywide has worked with all types of organizations and can easily create a benefit that meets the needs of any group of people.

Document review is a great way of helping employees avoid serious future problems, and prepaid legal services plans can be valuable parts of any comprehensive benefits program. Human resource directors know that legal service reduces stress and anxiety, and helps keep a workforce productive. Perhaps the best part of any group legal plan developed by Countrywide is the wisdom of past experience. Having developed these benefits in New York and other states for a considerable number of years, Countrywide is well-positioned to advise management of the best kind of plan for the given workforce. Countrywide is able to make recommendations that are both highly affordable, and at the same time cover all the needs that employees may encounter. The result is a benefit that provides considerable assistance for hard-working employees. Countrywide would love to be of service and is more than willing to answer any questions, a human resource director may have about any and all of the services.