The Power of the Telephone Call

Not every legal problem goes to trial
Many people today have serious problems with anger issues. They will fly off the handle at the smallest provocation, and these fits of temper can lead to very serious consequences. Issues such as minor car damage, a property dispute, or a landlord-tenant disagreement can quickly blow out of proportion. In the heat of the moment threats of lawsuits are thrown back and forth and that is certainly unnecessary. Cooler heads have to prevail.

Taking up Company Time

Legal disputes with other people are rarely left at the office doorstep, but follow the employee into the work area where company time and equipment is used for personal issues. Management doesn’t need phone lines tied up with personal calls, but often people use the office telephone for personal matters and take minutes of company time to write letters. Human resource directors understand that problems outside of work will impact on performance, and also understand how warnings don’t really resolve anything. There is still an employee who is upset over an issue that has gotten out of control. It would be great if somebody else made the important phone calls or drafted the necessary letters. A group legal plan takes the activity out of the cubicle and over to the office of a qualified attorney.

It may sound a bit strange, but the very presence of an attorney can turn things around rather quickly. This legal professional can either make a phone call to the other party or send a very firm letter to them, letting it be known that prudence is better than anger. A prepaid legal services plan offered by a company can provide this service, and take an awful lot of stress off and employee’s shoulders. More often than not, thanks to an attorney’s communication the other party will see the reason in this and try to negotiate a settlement acceptable by everyone.

Human resources wants to help employees but also wants to see to it that management needs are met as well. Reducing the distractions caused by outside personal problems keeps the work area focused on projects, and free of annoying gossip. If for no other reason than peace of mind of the other employees, a prepaid legal services plan can keep personal legal matters out of the office. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has developed group legal plans in New Jersey for quite some time, and is very familiar with what the various organizations are looking for in group legal services.

If management wants something easy to administer, that is no problem at all for Countrywide. Any prepaid legal services plan that is developed can be offered through payroll deduction. Group legal plans designed by Countrywide also include other benefits. The Personal Legal Protector Plan offer services in areas such as identity theft, preparation of wills, and landlord – tenant issues. All of these are meant to make things a lot easier for both the employer and the employee.

It’s always better to have employees not use company equipment or company time to resolve issues outside of work. A group legal plan designed by Countrywide means there is one last annoying factor in the office, and one less piece of gossip for staff to chatter about. It is one of the ways company can keep its workforce focused on projects and not on outside situations. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services would welcome the opportunity to show any human resources director exactly what is available so that an excellent legal benefit can be offered to employees.