Thinking about the Details

A Good Group Legal Plan has something more

Human resources directors recognize the importance of having group legal plans as part of a comprehensive employee benefits program. At the same time, they want the best possible assistance for employees. These management professionals want to see all that voluntary prepaid legal plans have to offer, and they are particularly concerned about the details.

Employees get into all kinds of legal troubles that distract from work. Many of these situations are unavoidable or accidental, but assistance is needed. A group legal plan is supposed to be able to help with items such as drafting a will, filing for bankruptcy, or helping out with an adoption. But there are few things that make voluntary prepaid legal plans much more appealing. It’s the little details like discounts on contingency legal fees or reviewing a contract that can convince management this particular benefit is worth having. These are just some of the things covered in the pages of a group legal plan designed by Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services

The Type of Help that Matters

Issues that bring so much worry to hard working employees such as power of attorney issues or real estate transactions are some of the items covered. On top of that, however, are assistance services such as unlimited telephone consultation. The network of attorneys that is part of Countrywide voluntary prepaid legal plans includes some of the best legal experts in Connecticut. They can help any employee with pressing issues and there are discounts on hourly rates as well as contingency fee cases. The Countrywide group legal services also include extra benefits such as credit monitoring. The Platinum ID Protector Plan helps employees monitor credit, and respond quickly to situations where there is a breach of security. These are the kind of things that bring peace of mind to an individual, and make a voluntary prepaid legal plan such an important part of a comprehensive employee benefits program.

Legal assistance cannot be just something that’s automated. That is why a Countrywide group legal plan adds the human touch. Members are allowed face-to-face consultations on separate legal matters per year. Of course, a prior appointment is necessary but the attorney will gladly listen to any questions and provide an expert recommendation as to what to do. Such advice results in solutions that can be executed quickly, saving person hours trying to untangle a legal mess. The personal attention doesn’t stop there, either. Attorneys who are part of the Countrywide network will also prepare letters or make calls on behalf of members to try to rectify situations. The true benefit of that is that many times the intervention of a well-qualified legal professional can end the problem before it escalates.

Easy Administration

Administration of these plans is critically important for any human resources director, and Countrywide is dedicated to making things as easy as possible. The administration of any legal services benefit, whether it is the Personal Legal Protector Plan or the Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring, is less complicated thanks to payroll deduction. Management can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they are providing a superior benefit for employees, but not having to spend large amounts of time processing paperwork as the process can be done electronically.

It is difficult to hire and retain highly skilled employees and companies need to provide superior benefits. A group legal plan is something that definitely helps employees with personal issues that may have got out of control, and they do value the assistance granted to them. Countrywide has helped clients in Connecticut provide the kind of benefits that show welcome sensitivity to the needs of employees. We welcome any inquiries and would be glad to answer any questions asked.