Use A Professional to Draft a Will

These documents require legal clarity

There are a number of websites that advertise the ability to draft a will for an individual. It’s a very simple fill in the blanks type of arrangement, and the selling point is a person avoids large legal fees. The appeal is very nice but consumers have to be very careful. This is not as cut and dried as it looks.

Simple wills are for small estates that are not very complicated. However, in this day and age people have a multitude of investments and financial assets that can be very complex. Real estate, IRAs, contributory retirement plans such as 401(k)s, and personal property such as jewelry are all part of a deceased person’s estate. This person may want things to go to certain individuals or there may be an instance where there is a minor, whose needs have to be taken care of and a guardian has to be appointed. To put it directly, the more there is to a person’s estate, the less value these boilerplate Internet documents have.

The Importance of Legal Assistance

An individual needs legal advice for estate planning and drafting a will. A major difficulty many people don’t realize involves change. Beneficiaries can pass away prior to the will being executed; the same goes for appointed executors. A will that has not been updated falls into the maze of probate court procedure and process. Other changes could involve the assets of an individual’s estate, and these really shouldn’t be left outside of the document. There are certain requirements under California law that have to be followed and may not be part of any quick and easy form. As a person looks at all of the matters which have to be covered to prepare a sensible will, it is obvious that legal assistance is definitely needed. A group legal plan can help.

Companies want to keep productive employees and management knows that good employee benefits will help retain them. Human resources directors look for the kind of benefit which will provide the best coverage and are easy to administer; that definitely describes a group legal plan. These give employees access to highly skilled attorneys. When it comes to wills and estates, an immediate advantage of voluntary prepaid legal plans are that they grant admission to a network of highly skilled lawyers. These professionals can cut through the jargon and explain the important parts that a will must have, and how the document should be updated. It prevents a lot of hassle and employees greatly appreciate having legal advice at reduced rates.

A Benefit That Provides Value

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has been of service to all kinds of organizations in California. Group legal plans developed by Countrywide are meant to be easy to both understand and administer. The Countrywide Personal Legal Protector Plan allows employees to have simple wills created at no charge, and the voluntary prepaid legal plans provide for free annual updates. Employees who wish to be a part of such a benefit also get the kind of legal advice that ordinarily would be quite expensive.

Knowing their employer offers this kind of convenience makes these hard-working people feel appreciated. It creates the kind of team spirit that human resource directors hope to achieve, and a Countrywide group legal plan is something that takes very little effort to administer. The voluntary prepaid legal plans are exactly what employees need to do the kind of estate planning that provide security for their loved ones should death unexpectedly come knocking.

Human resources can really provide a great service with a group legal plan and these are not that difficult to set up. Countrywide has experience with all types of organizations and can prepare something to fit any group. Legal assistance is something that is appreciated and can be a valuable means of keeping good employees. Countrywide would welcome the opportunity to help any employer in California create such a benefit.

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