Sifting Through All That Paper

Good legal advice makes it easier
Folks often wonder exactly how many trees were cut down to make the paper needed for a contract. There just seems to be page after page of legal wording that might as well be written in a foreign language for all anybody can understand. The law has its own language, and is steeped in words that are little bit unclear to the average reader. Maryland has been extremely careful to make sure that all of its statutes are in understandable English, but there still are some phrases in a contract that seem steeped in mystery.

It’s not just a contract that’s baffling, other types of legal documents can be just as maddening. Promissory notes, leases, and affidavits all look like an intricate maze of verbs and nouns. It’s tough for employees to try to go through all of the verbiage because they are not trained in legal terminology. Frustrated, they go looking for help and hope to find it at the workplace. The corporate legal department of a company is busy with other matters and helping an employee might cause a conflict of interest, but that doesn’t mean management refuses to recognize the need to assist a flustered employee. Decision makers do need some option that will help employees without adding any more worries. Group legal plans allow management to steer employees away from corporate counsel to professionals who are ready to be of service. One of the benefits of prepaid legal services is the opportunity to have an attorney take a look at the paperwork and make sense of it all.

It is no understatement to say that the devil can lay hiding in the details and subsections of any legal document that has been drafted. Attorneys who are part of the referral network of a group legal plan can be contacted to inspect all the paperwork. Their sharp legal eyes can note language that may cause difficulties later on and alert the member. Because of their experienced legal expertise, a member of any prepaid legal services plan can be spared the aggravation of having to live up to a condition he or she didn’t really understand prior to signing a document.

Employees can get distracted by contracts and that hurts work performance. It is something that is a concern for many employers in Maryland. Group legal assistance is not a difficult benefit for a human resources department to administer, and delays mean that employee problems wait to be solved. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is more than happy to show exactly how a comprehensive group legal plan can bring stress levels down to a manageable level for everyone. Countrywide has worked with employers in the Old Line State for quite some time, and is familiar with the legal documents commonly used in Maryland. There are any number of services that are included in such a legal assistance benefit, and Countrywide wants to be sure that both the employer and the employee benefits from having prepaid legal services offered. A review of the documents by attorneys can bring a real sense of relief to a frustrated person. The employee has a legal conundrum resolved, and the employer has a productive person free to continue helping the company. It is a situation where one benefit definitely serves all.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services will make recommendations of what it feels should be included, but will provide a prepaid legal services benefit that meets the specifications of the employer. Documents don’t have to be scary mysteries and expert legal eyes can see through any verbal disguise that hides key phrases. A group legal plan developed by Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services makes these documents transparent.