Older Employees Need an Advance Medical Directive

Medical Crisis can happen

An older employee is someone who is over 50 years of age. These people have a lot of working years ahead of them, and much to contribute to any organization. They are without a doubt very valued employees. They also are not in the same physical shape they were 30 years before. Older employees can be susceptible to stroke or other forms of cerebral hemorrhage. This can debilitate them to the point where they are in comas and unable to communicate. That can cause a very serious situation to arise that is best remedied by services from a group legal plan.

Tough Decisions Avoided.

Anyone who has been placed on life support systems is in a near vegetative state. That is where they’re going to stay indefinitely. They may recover, but it is also possible they never will. The medical staff will not turn off life support without authorization. A living will gives instructions that are to be followed, this is what group legal services will provide. Medical powers of attorney gives another individual the authority to make decisions on behalf of the comatose patient. These are both known as advance medical directives and allow for decisive action to be taken if it appears the patient will never recover. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers both as options in a group legal plan. Our attorneys in the Countrywide legal network can draft either for a Countrywide group legal plan member.

The Right Decision to Make.

Older employees don’t like to think about death. They would rather put off decisions affecting the last moments as long as possible. Having a living will or medical powers of attorney created is not an easy decision, but it is the right decision to make. The alternative is to have loved ones staring through the visitor’s glass at someone who can no longer communicate. The patient may be in a suspended state of limbo for months as machines keep the body alive. It is heart wrenching to watch, and no one wants their children or spouse to be subject to that kind of agony. Countrywide lawyers would never press the point with a person. In fact, they would only work on either document if such group legal services were requested. If a plan member does want either a living will or medical powers of attorney document drafted, the Countrywide lawyer will compose a perfect copy. The final paper will have explicit instructions and directives as to what the plan member wants done in a terminal situation. That person can rest assured that there will be no hesitation about fulfilling those instructions.

High-Quality Service Is Part of the Countrywide Plan.

We know how important it is to get legal matters taken care of as soon as possible. It is why our attorneys put priority in any request submitted by a plan member. We also see to it that the entire process is fast-moving and efficient. Countrywide group legal services plans have a reputation for easy administration. No human resources director need worry about employees not getting proper attention. We also work with the client to develop a group legal plan that fits all the needs of the employees. Living wills and medical powers of attorney are two options, but not the only ones. We have a variety of services that address major legal matters of any person. Taken as a whole, the Countrywide group legal services are some of the most comprehensive benefits available.

Older employees have lives where tough decisions have always been made. Providing the tools necessary for an advance medical directive makes the decision that much easier to make. These employees need to be able to provide the guidance to bring a terminal life situation to a close. Countrywide as the legal experts and administration required to produce airtight advanced medical directives. Contact us today!

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