When a Referral Helps

Special Needs may require it


Lawyers who are part of a group legal plan are knowledgeable practitioners of the law. They provide the advice and guidance a plan member needs to navigate the corridors of public agencies, compose last wills, and help with consumer complaints. The law is a very broad field with specialty niches here and there. Intellectual property and real estate law are examples of areas where unique knowledge is required. Not every attorney has such expertise, and a referral may be necessary. These attorneys in specialized law will charge a higher rate and that can be a problem for some people.

The Need for Special Knowledge Justifies a Referral.

Personal injury has procedures that are unique to its area of the law. A plan member who is dealing with that issue has to have an attorney dedicated to the statutes governing it.

Group legal services that include referral assistance should consider possibly higher than ordinary legal fees. It does no good for a plan member to get a referral if he or she cannot reasonably afford it. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has provided help in the form of group legal plan benefits for more than two decades. We understand the anxiety of a plan member facing higher than ordinary cost for unique assistance. Our referral service is a group legal services benefit designed to alleviate that worry.

Financial Discounts Are Part of Our Referral System

We have close contact with a number of attorney specializing in distinct areas. We can refer any plan member directly to such qualified legal professionals. These will be at reduced hourly or scheduled rates from any of the attorneys in our group legal network.

We also have provisions for a 25% discount on hourly or scheduled rates for those referrals. In the event of a contingency fee, the Countrywide system provides a 10% discount from standard contingency percentages. This makes it easier for a group legal plan member to afford that special service needed for their unique circumstance. This is all part of the Countrywide commitment to helping individuals.

Value Added Customer Service Is Included.

When we refer anyone to an attorney we fully expect that lawyer to give the best service possible. Anyone who is receiving the group legal services of a Countrywide plan has a right to highly personal attention. He or she is not just a part of computer database, but someone whose legal problems need to be addressed and solutions found. All of the attorneys who work with us recognize this commitment to the individual and provide the best service.

This great service is not delayed. Timely resolution is important and our administration is streamlined so that no plan member has to wait. The help that is needed is delivered as quickly as practicable. We also know that organizations have unique needs. We have other options in addition to the referral system, but we do not force them on anybody. Instead, we ask that a prospective client tell us which of our variety of benefit options they want to have in their plan. We tailor everything to what the client wants. That way, a Countrywide group legal plan best fits the overall benefit objectives of any organization.

Extraordinary situations require a little bit extra from any benefit plan. Referrals to attorneys proficient in niche areas of the law can help in such cases. That expertise combined with efficient administration allows for problems to be taken care of in short periods of time. It saves money and reduces anxiety for a plan member. We do that because we want to be of service to any member of a Countrywide plan. We invite any questions a decision maker may have about our group legal services. We firmly believe that the Countrywide benefits will provide the kind of assistance that employees appreciate.