It Should Cover the Bases

A group legal plan must be comprehensive

Budgets are tight at the end of the year and management is pinching pennies. Vendors take advantage of this to promote employee benefits with bargain-basement prices. The idea is that offering a bare-bones benefit to employees doesn’t matter if a benefit is being offered. That really doesn’t make much sense. A group legal plan made available to employees needs to provide real service.

Important Options Must Be Included.

To be sure, cost efficiency is important. It doesn’t mean that necessary services should be excluded. Legal assistance ought to cover critical needs, such as the drafting of a will. There also are to be provisions for review of contracts and warranties, because many employees have to deal with these types of legal paper. It makes no sense at all for a group legal plan not to have legal support in dealing with public agencies. Local government in particular is so much a part of a person’s life that this is where an attorney is going to be valued. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has helped organizations design group legal plan benefits for over 25 years. We understand the needs of employers, and we also know what most employees want to have.

We Offer a Variety of Group Legal Services

We can help cost-conscious organizations get as much value out of every premium dollar possible. Management gets to decide whether or not premiums are borne entirely by the employee, the organization, or some type of a split. Our legal options include important matters such as health with small claims cases, preparing living wills and medical powers of attorney, and review of contracts. The Personal Legal Protector Plan we provide will also include a referral network of attorneys for special cases. While we have a lot of group legal services to consider, we let the organization decide what will be in the plan. Decision-makers may feel that only certain things are necessary, and we respect that. What Countrywide strives to do is give the best possible group legal plan that management would want. We also give the kind of administration that is prompt and efficient. No member of a Countrywide plan is forced to wait extended periods for service. We furnish it as quickly as possible.

Employees Appreciate Comprehensive Plans.

Comprehensive legal plans mean a lot to the workforce. Having an attorney to help with a tenant/landlord dispute is something that is considered very worthwhile. Countrywide is also able to help employees trapped in a legal snarl while on vacation. Our attorneys are client sensitive and treat every case with the same level of professionalism. We are not an automated service, but a benefit provider that really cares about those who are members of a Countrywide plan.

Give Them the Best and They Will Love You for It.

A benefit that is not being used by employees is not worth the time and trouble to have. Sadly, some organizations will introduce benefits that don’t really help anybody. Employees should feel encouraged to take advantage of a good benefit. The Countrywide group legal services are the knight in shining armor on a dark cold day. Difficulties encountered with local agencies or unethical stores go away quickly whenever a Countrywide lawyer arrives on the scene. The quality of our service makes the employees feel that much better about working for an organization. They understand that the benefit was provided for their good. It is no surprise that the Countrywide group legal services are used by employees every time they run into trouble. It is why the benefit is there.

Our fees are reasonable and we do not cut corners on quality. Anyone who’s interested in our legal options should take the opportunity to contact us.

We want to be able to be of service and what we provide is not only cost-effective, but offers a benefit that employees will appreciate. Please do feel free to get in touch today!