Reducing the Anxiety and Frustration

Older Employee can benefit from legal help

Senior employees, those who are over 50 years of age, have witnessed a sea change of events in their lives. They have watched how telecommunications has gone from the old telephone set to smartphones, and technology changes that sometimes leaves them gasping in amazement. They work hard to digest all of the new things that are occurring, but it is not always easy. There are issues involving the law, which can be very frustrating for them to understand. They could use the help of a good group legal plan.

Just Understanding the Documents Can Be a Chore.

These aren’t necessarily contracts that the older employees worry about. They may be renovating their house with new energy-efficient appliances, and they don’t quite understand the warranties or agreements of the new technology. They may have lived 30 or more years in their home and are moving into retirement communities that have rules and obligations. Having an attorney interpret the documents can be very helpful. It assures them that they are not being taken advantage of by complicated language.

Drafting a will is an anxious recognition of mortality and the same can be true for living wills and medical powers of attorney. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services recognizes how important it is for older associates to draft such documents. We also realize that a major part of good group legal services is empathy. Our network of attorneys are part of a system that puts a plan member first. Everything is explained when it comes to the wills and other end-of-life oriented documents. That helps reassure an individual who is making some very rough decisions.

Assistance with Public Agencies

Dealing with local government can be both bewildering and horribly frustrating. Services that a senior citizen wants to use will require application procedures and pieces of information to be furnished. What can drive an older person up the wall is that one mistake can cause the whole process to be repeated yet again. A Countrywide attorney knows how government works best. That legal expert can help guide an older person through everything which has to be done. It means that services are rendered that much faster, which is deeply appreciated.

Older people try their best to understand and use the latest technology. Even so, they enjoy working with a person and hearing a human voice. It is more assuring than a taped message or a Q&A section of a website. One of the group legal services of a Countrywide plan are unlimited phone calls to the attorney of a given matter. There’s also the opportunity for face-to-face consultations if those are important. This means an awful lot to somebody who is closing in on retirement years. The Countrywide group legal plan has a network of attorneys and a person can find one in his or her community. Not having to deal with a distant stranger is one of the group legal services that older employees find extremely helpful.

Making It Convenient.

Everyone wants to get service as quickly as possible. The idea of having to fill out a lot of forms can make a very frustrating. Older employees like the Countrywide group legal plan because the administration is so simple. It means assistance which is urgently needed is provided quickly. Organizations that have large concentrations of older employees want benefits that cater to their needs. We will work with any client to customize a group legal plan so it provides just what is needed for the group demographics. What is not needed by the employees will not be thrust upon the employer.
We know that older employees still have a lot to contribute and they don’t need the frustration of poor service. Countrywide emphasizes good customer service and providing the very best help.
Regardless of the employee’s age, we offer group legal services that give excellent legal support. Contact us today!

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