Time to Renegotiate?

New Clauses May Create Confusion


We are coming to the end of the calendar year and this is a time when a number of contracts and other written agreements are up for renewal. Many times people will just go ahead and renew the contract, but there are those who want to make some changes. The changes or modifications can make the other person rather nervous. He or she may be satisfied with what they already have, and are concerned the contract may contain clauses they are not ready to accept. This is where a group legal plan can provide some extremely good assistance . If an attorney is available to help interpret the new contract, this can prevent a lot of problems.

Confusing Clauses Made Transparent

The devil can be in the details and that is what makes a person apprehensive. The other party may have added a new clause and there’s uncertainty as to how it affects the entire agreement. An attorney can offer some excellent group legal services by interpreting the contract for a plan member. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a contract interpretation and review option that can be a part of a group legal plan. This is in addition to other services that can be part of the package.

A Delicate Situation is Handled Properly

New paragraphs will make anyone cautious and that is particularly true of someone who isn’t well versed in legalese. The Countrywide attorney will review up to six pages of a contract for a group plan member. That is roughly the size of most contracts or agreements that a person will enter into. In most situations the review isn’t that complicated, but there are times when the plan member is a bit confused. One of the group legal services that Countrywide will provide is communication. The plan member may contact the lawyer on a given situation as many times as necessary. If that person so desires, he or she can instruct the attorney to send written correspondence to the other party for clarifications. The attorney will also make phone calls on behalf of the plan member. Gradually, the text of the deal becomes clearer. What could have been problems are identified by the Countrywide attorney and changes are made. What might have caused bad feelings are resolved.

The Best Group Legal Services

A Countrywide group legal plan provides the kind of support options that make any service more effective. We have a nationwide network of attorneys. If the review of a contract requires a barrister with specialized knowledge, referrals can be made. If a public agency needs to be involved, Countrywide lawyers can help with that. Offering very comprehensive group legal services are what we do best of all. Countrywide clients have welcomed both the variety of the legal assistance options, and the ease of administration. Contact with a lawyer is easy, and the assistance is immediate. We can have the review work done long before any renewal deadline shows up on the calendar. A person can be secure in the knowledge that the review is thorough, the advice given is the highest quality, and the full attention of the attorney is focused on the plan member’s needs. It is all a part of the Countrywide group legal plan.

The plan will reflect the specific needs of a given client. We feel that one size fits all designs do not fully consider the special needs of a client. Our desire is to be flexible enough so that what the client gets is what the client wants. It is a major reason why our relationships with our clients is so good.

Contracts need not be papers of mystery. A Countrywide lawyer can do a review and communicate the true meaning of the document. A plan member can then decide whether or not to renew, knowing that once vague terms are now as clear as spring water crystal.

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