Celebrating the New Arrivals to America

Providing Legal Assistance Helps


In spite of the stories about illegal aliens, thousands of people are legally entering the United States every year. Our country is the land of opportunity for them and they look forward to successful careers and places to raise their families. Any foreigner needs to get accustomed to the culture and laws of a new country. American employers who offer a group legal plan are providing a wonderful service for these newcomers.

New Ways Can Be Confusing

There is more than just a new language to learn. The laws can be entirely different than what these new arrivals are used to dealing with. This is particularly true with any contracts. Someone who is not familiar with English can find all of this very confusing and intimidating. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services fully understands how confusing legal language can be. The unscrupulous will always try to take advantage of the unschooled.

We have noticed too often that immigrants have been placed at the mercy of unethical people. Our network of attorneys will provide review of contracts and agreements for any group legal plan member. Moreover, one of the group legal services is help with understanding any product warranty that has been issued. Countrywide attorneys can help these people have access to public agencies, including consumer advocates. Someone who is trying to cheat a group plan member will quickly discover what a Countrywide attorney can do. The group legal services offered include correspondence that warns of consequences for questionable behavior. By itself, such letters can stop the unethical treatment.

Understanding and Immediate Service

Immigrants have any number of questions and we want to provide all the answers.
Countrywide offers group legal services that include an unlimited number of telephone calls to an attorney on a given matter. Many times a person feels more comfortable dealing face-to-face with a lawyer, and that is possible under one of our group legal plan benefits. Even someone who is new to this country can expect to have the highest possible quality of service from Countrywide. Our attorneys respond immediately to any need. These legal professionals are not in some far-off city. Indeed, the Countrywide attorney is close by whenever plan member needs help. There is an opportunity to establish the kind of a poor that makes a new arrival feel more comfortable. It is simply part of the value plus service Countrywide provides.

Simple Administration Makes It Better.

Anyone can get a little bit nervous having to wait for needed services. It is why Countrywide sees to it that administration is easy and response time is sooner instead of later. Waiting is not a problem for anyone who is part of a Countrywide group legal plan. It doesn’t matter if the plan member’s family has been in America over a hundred years or less than 100 days. The same level of responsive service, and the same amount of concern for problem is provided.

Although we’ve been in the business of providing group legal services since 1987, we do not provide cookie-cutter programs. We will instead listen to what a client wants and design a plan that fits the client’s requirements. We are flexible enough to do the needful and it is something that decision-makers have always appreciated about Countrywide. We do not provide excuses or preach gospels; we deliver excellent service.

Those who come to America look for opportunity and a life that is less complicated. Countrywide offers the kind of help that removes legal obstacles and assists in any situations where a good lawyer can expedite progress. We have a number of legal options that can benefit any employee of an organization. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss them and appreciate any inquiry call made to us.