Our Services Are Fantastic!-They Add Quality to the Benefit


Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is proud of its reputation. We have administered legal plans for over 30 years and our clients are very satisfied with what we do for them. The secret to our success is the type of service we offer. It is the best in the industry and that is not just our pre-paid legal services options, either.

The Secondary Services Are Important.

Plan members like having simple wills drafted and foreign-born employees appreciate our help with public agencies. The assistance is not impersonal. Countrywide does more than use webpage Q&As to help people. We make use of a network of highly qualified professionals and each one is available for a conference. We know that not all questions might be answered in the one on one meetings. A group legal plan member may make as many follow-up telephone calls to the attorney as necessary on a given question.

Warranty and consumer protection are major concerns. A merchant or vendor may hesitate in honoring a warranty, knowing a person doesn’t know all the procedures. Countrywide attorneys can make telephone calls and write letters on behalf of the plan member. Either form of communication convinces the other party to do the right thing.

Countrywide Does a Bit Extra

We do more than draft a simple will because we know this document is time sensitive. Beneficiaries might die before the plan member and the same is true about the executor. It can cause serious problems, but Countrywide prevents these. We will send annual reminders to plan members so that they can check their wills and update them. The benefit option covers this service.

Our clients appreciate our services and their employees use the various options in their group legal plan. Our policy of choice helps. The clients will decide what pre-paid legal services become part of their unique plan. We understand that the organization may want simple wills but pass on medical powers of attorney. The decision-makers select what they believe their employees will need. We do make suggestions, but the client has the final word.

We provide administration that is quick and efficient. It is streamlined to simplify the process, so our plan members get service when they need it. Our attorneys are in the community and getting in touch with one of them easy. All plan members, regardless of job title, receive priority attention with our pre-paid legal services.

Most of the secondary services we mentioned above are included in the final benefit. Communication with a Countrywide attorney is easy, and these professionals interact easily with other parties. Employees will know that there is a legal expert in their corner when they face some of the basic legal issues that ordinary people from time to time must confront.


Great Human Skills

We cannot say enough about the people sensitive qualities of a Countrywide attorney. Emotional intelligence is more than just idle chat for Countrywide. We insist that our attorneys have high levels of empathy and understanding. They are legal professionals who listen. We feel that a good attorney is patient and responds to the needs of a client. We insist on it. Even though an attorney may have reputation for great legal knowledge, if the same person has a reputation for being abrupt and abusive, this is not someone who will be part of our group legal plan team.

Countrywide listens to prospective clients. We want to know what their needs are and it is more important to learn about these needs than to do a sales pitch on anyone. If you have questions about the Countrywide group legal plan, we want to hear them. We also want to hear what you want to see in this kind of benefit. We think you will be amazed at what we can do for your employees. We provide some of the very best services in the industry.