Make the Dream a Reality-Never Think Dreams Can’t Come True


Watching a dream slip by is frustrating. Employees who want to buy a house are concerned they will never get the chance. They are well-paid but believe their existing debt holds them back. Also, house buying appears to be very complicated. Frustration makes a person unhappy and can spill over into daily work. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services will help with this problem.

Affording a Home

The house is the largest purchase most people ever make. The Countrywide financial wellness program can make it happen. Our certified counselors help plan members afford the expense. These professionals will perform a budget analysis and suggest ways of making personal capital available (i.e. paying the required minimum on a few credit cards.)

The budget analysis will uncover opportunities to handle debt obligations better. People who are dealing with a medical emergency will face sizable medical bills. Countrywide will show how the payments can be negotiated and the monthly payments reduced. We have already mentioned credit cards, and these can be controlled with a better payment strategy. Millennials saddled with college debt may not know of ways to modify payments; our counselors show them how. After a few one on one sessions, a financial wellness plan member discovers there is money to buy a house and pay the mortgage.

Financial Wellness Counselors Will Listen

A budget analysis points out personal spending problems. Some people get embarrassed and their pride becomes hurt from the revelations. Countrywide wants plan members to feel comfortable. Our certified counselors treat people with a mixture of respect, empathy, and patience. They understand not everyone is familiar with budgeting. A Countrywide counselor takes the time to answer questions and explain any offered suggestions. Plan members can expect to be treated with respect.

There are many ways to buy a house: assuming a mortgage, rent to buy, and traditional 30-year mortgages are examples. Real estate has a professional language with terms most folks do not understand. Countrywide can make learning the language easy. We have a self-study program, “Buy Your House”, to educate consumers on the real estate market. The course helps make sense of it all. Our course also identifies the hazards. Not everyone in real estate is ethical and some forms of financing such as balloon mortgages have considerable risks. Countrywide helps plan members know ahead of time what to expect.

Gathering the cash needed to buy a house is not easy. An individual may have to sell assets for a down payment. Countrywide will create an asset inventory on request. Stocks, bonds, small insurance policies, and other assets a person has ignored are examined and a comprehensive inventory drafted. The plan member then has a good idea of what assets can be sold to help purchase a house.

Good Employers Know the Value

Astute employers understand the value of financial wellness. They recognize how young employees need help. However, these decision-makers want to see a return on any investment of time or money. Employees must actively use a benefit.

We ask our clients to choose those financial wellness options that suit the needs of the organization’s workforce. Countrywide believes this is the way to guarantee the use of our program. We make it convenient with streamlined administration. All of our financial wellness plan members receive priority attention from our counselors. There are no unnecessary delays in providing service.

If you believe the media, you may give up hope about buying a house. Here is a little secret: the same things were said over 30 years ago. People were told the chances of being able to afford a house were impossible back then. It is interesting how that logic didn’t hold up. Countrywide believes it can be of assistance through our program. There is no reason at all to give up the dream of buying a house.

If you have questions about our financial wellness program, we would like to hear them. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience and ask us your questions. We welcome the opportunity to share our information with all interested parties.