Letting Go of an Academic Burden-College Debt Can Be Managed


We are only a few weeks away from the start of the new academic year. Students are looking forward to returning to campus and alumni remember those college days fondly. Unfortunately, not all new alumni are remembering the good old days. These people are facing the end of the grace period on their college loans They are soon going to be asked to start paying sizable monthly bills.

College tuition has rocketed into the financial stratosphere. Many alumni are facing burdens well into the six figures. They need help in trying to take this burden off their shoulders and not every financial wellness vendor can do that. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a comprehensive program that can help a person see light at the end of the tunnel.

Finances Can Be Stressful

No one can blame a recent college graduate for being worried. The price of paying the loan debt can be as much as a house mortgage. The heavy cost will affect important decisions as people put off marriage or having children because of the obligation. The prospect of bankruptcy filing is quite real. Countrywide wants to help those trapped in college debt.

We use a nationwide network of certified counselors. They work with college debt problems all the time and know how an individual can deal with it. Face-to-face meetings are easy to arrange since the counselors are in the community.

Sometimes, a college graduate is so overwhelmed by the debt he or she ignores it and won’t pay it. Our counselors point out the financial danger of that practice. These professionals will help financial wellness plan members learn how to work with the creditors. A budget analysis is conducted to discover sources of cash to pay the bill.

Expect Respect from Our Counselors

People want to be treated with respect and we expect that from the counselors. A financial wellness plan member can expect their questions answered, not sermons. They also can expect to be provided priority attention. The counselor’s guidance does not have to stop with questions on college debt. A plan member can inquire about how to deal with other financial matters, including how to deal with credit card management or developing a savings plan. Our counselors have a wide range of knowledge and can offer significant suggestions.

The best employee benefits plans offer a variety of services to plan members. Our financial wellness plan has several. A person can get assistance in paying medical debt, information on how to buy a house, and a debt management plan assistance are among other options. Client organizations will make the selection. Their decision-makers decide what services will be in a unique plan. The choice means the benefit which is provided is going to help the entire workforce.

The value of the financial wellness plan is enormous. A college graduate who at one time was cynical about the future can start to think about important financial matters. He or she can get the college debt payments under control and start saving for other purchases such as an automobile. We submit that one of the greatest benefits that we provide for anyone is hope. Organizations will benefit significantly from our program. It is no secret Millennials want help with their finances. A program such as ours can help persuade a highly talented person to consider employment with the organization. The current workforce can recognize how management cares about their personal welfare. It helps develop a significant relationship that promotes loyalty and productivity.

We hope that you have questions about our financial wellness plan and we welcome your inquiries. Please take a moment and contact us to find out more about the Countrywide advantage. We believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how we can help your employees.