Philadelphia divorce attorneys

Unfortunately, divorce is a common trend in our society but there is a way it can be made easier with prepaid legal services. The fact is, as helpful as many employee benefits are, like health and dental insurance, retirement planning, and others, there will always be a need for legal advice. Many of us have heard that half of marriages end in divorce. Well, that is not true, it was a decade ago but sadly that number has increased and the majority of marriages end in divorce. Another important fact to remember is that divorce is hard on anyone’s life and people tend to carry their personal problems to work each day whether they want to or not.

As a company, you have the opportunity to aide employees during their time of struggle and in a way that will help them pull through this faster. Pre-paid legal services in Philadelphia can save an employee valuable time and money during the divorce process. The way it works is very similar to how health insurance offered by the company would work. When a worker needs legal advice they contact their human resources department or in some cases go directly to the pre-paid legal services to find out their options. The legal service plans offered will cover all types of legal matters through a network of attorneys who have all gone through an extensive credentialing process in order to join this network. With divorce rates higher than ever before and many people facing financial difficulties to begin with, employees cannot sacrifice the time or money that will be needed to find their own attorneys. They will need direct assistance from within their network of employee benefits and that is where pre-paid legal service plans can benefit them.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can assist you in offering this service to your employees no matter which city your company is located. We offer our services throughout Pennsylvania at an affordable rate that will benefit employees for years to come. The majority of the time these legal plans are offered on a voluntary basis with the majority, if not the full cost, paid by the employees through payroll deduction. Divorce is hard enough but having to go through it alone will make it even more difficult for an employee and it will carry over into their work almost all the time and that is not something you can afford to have happen.