Pre-Paid Legal Services Keep Divorcées in the Office

I now pronounce you… Legally separated, broke from attorney’s fees, and in hot water with the boss for missing so much work. Yikes!

Such is the case for so many Americans undergoing divorces.

Divorce proceedings usually last for at least a year. That is a lot of time, especially considering that over half of marriages end in divorce. Let’s do some simple math -if a company employees 1,000 people, and only half of them are married, we can expect a quarter of those married employees to unfortunately face a legal separation or divorce eventually! Indubitably, those employees are going to deal with their Human Resources departments to orchestrate necessary days off to visit their lawyer and appear in court -all of which is costly to both the employer and the individual.

Pre-paid legal services included in benefits programs take a proactive approach to ever-climbing divorce rates. Organizations with pre-paid legal service benefits eliminate the eventual struggle to balance work and legal obligations -like meetings with lawyers and hefty retainers- for their employees.

The quest for an affordable, dependable divorce attorney is virtually nonexistent with pre-paid services, as the benefits program already offers a pool of knowledgeable lawyers. Furthermore, these attorneys are able to work around the organization’s employees’ schedules.

With pre-paid legal services added to benefits programs, the expected time employee’s will face away from work dealing with divorce proceedings is minimized. This increases overall morale and corporate culture -all the while, maximizing the organization’s productivity.

Even in a small company, say of only 100 employees, accumulated years away from productivity spent handling something as common and simple as divorce can be completely avoided.

Divorce is heart wrenching enough without having worry about how to balance work with it, too. Providing pre-paid legal services helps keep employees’ and their minds, in the office.