Plan Service with the Member in Mind – Countrywide Has the Best Member Services


Service is rapidly becoming automated. Consumers deal with automated telephone service, Q&A pages, and Amazon Alexa. These can be very efficient but cold. Group legal plans that offer pre-paid legal services must remember the human side of member service

The Law Is Filled with Emotion

Those who face legal problems can endure emotional roller coaster rides. Legal issues, such as writing simple wills, are filled with personal feelings. Anger or fear are not always calmed by taped messages on answering services.

The law can be confusing. The language is unique to the profession and questions need answers that address the circumstances. This kind of service is not always possible with automated systems. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers group legal plan benefits to all sorts of organizations. We believe service with a human touch matters.

We Encourage Meetings

Relationships matter in the law. The opportunities for trust to grow between the attorney and the client cannot be ignored. Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys who practice in the community. A meeting between the plan member and the attorney is easy to arrange.

Group legal plan members can explain their concern to a pair of legal ears willing to listen. Attorneys will encourage questions and Countrywide expects attorneys to give answers. Plan members can make an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given situation to get more information.

Plan members may be nervous about dealing with public agencies or filing complaints. Countrywide lawyers will offer guidance and can make telephone calls and write letters on behalf of the client. People may feel uncomfortable meeting with an attorney. There is no need for concern with Countrywide. We recruit attorneys based on legal expertise and people skills. They must be able to relate on a personal level with every client.

Our Service Gets Attention

Clients have expressed satisfaction with our service. They like how Countrywide treats plan members with empathy. Employers also like choice. Decision-makers will select what pre-paid legal services will be in their group legal plan. The selection permits them to tailor a benefit to fit the needs of the workforce better. Pre-paid legal services that certain demographics want can be included.

All prospective clients should know that the personal services will always be a part of the group legal plan. We sincerely feel that the interaction an attorney has with a plan member is important, and we encourage it with every opportunity. We also feel the plan member must receive priority along with respect and courtesy. Our insistence on high quality has made us a leader in the field.

The great member services are a reason why most of our clients keep up the relationship with Countrywide. They see no reason to go with any other vendor, because Countrywide dedicates so much time and attention to service. Plan members are aware of our commitment to treating them with respect. The comments they have given to their employers about us reflect an overall satisfaction with what Countrywide is able to do.

What we do in the area of legal services solves many of the problems that people ordinarily have and require legal assistance. We can review legal documents and explain them to individuals. We also help plan members prepare for the future with living wills and medical powers of attorney. Helping with public agencies is one of our specialties and we can help a person with any issues that arise from purchased warranties.

Countrywide gives a lot of attention in service to plan members. We are going to continue doing this as long as we are in business. Expert advice offered with empathy and consideration are trademarks of Countrywide. We welcome any opportunity to discuss further with you all our services.