A Financial Wellness New Year’s Resolution is Smart!

It is a Sensible New Goal 


The New Year is approaching and now is when many people create New Year’s resolutions. Some of these goals for 2018 include matters such as clearing up credit card debt, getting a better handle on student loan payments, and finding ways to work with medical debt. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services believe that financial wellness is one of the best New Year’s resolutions a person can have. We offer a benefit that organizations can provide for employees that address this.

Financial Wellness Varies

People have distinct needs. One person may want to have information about how to buy a house properly and another needs assistance with medical bills. Someone else might want to know more about what assets he or she might have, and another person may only need a personal budget analysis. Unfortunately, some people are in such financial despair that only a debt management plan will get them out of trouble. Countrywide offers all kinds of services. It could be as simple as a budget analysis or as complex as how to best deal with credit cards. It depends on the person.

Our counselors can analyze spending habits and determine ways to meet those major bills. Countrywide dedicates its resources to helping and our counselors provide the very best information.

Countrywide believes that effective pre-paid legal services are more than just a helpful website. Having human contact and face-to-face communication is essential. We make use of a nationwide system of certified counselors. They are individuals who deal with financial matters all the time and are ready to provide quality service.

It is not difficult to arrange for a meeting with any of these counselors. They’re prepared to sit down with a plan member and go over what help that person needs to achieve a worthwhile New Year’s resolution.

This is a Great Organizational Goal

Employers are looking to establishing goals for 2018, and the smart ones understand how important productivity can be. A person distracted by money problems is not going to be as effective as necessary. Indeed, such a person may be more worried about financial wellness issues then meeting deadlines or priorities. Countrywide offers a means of keeping that individual more productive and on task.
Financial wellness support helps to foster an appreciation for employers. Hard-working people have goals for the new year and anything their employer does to help them gains employee respect. It makes for the kind of workplace where people want to do their best and stay for longer periods of time. Millennials especially like having this kind of help as they go through their daily lives.
Pick Your Options

Organizations know what the employees need, and Countrywide offers a selection. We encourage our clients to choose what options will be part of the plan. We will include in the document those choices the executives make. No matter what the final plan may look like, Countrywide is committed to providing the very best service.

All our counselors understand that empathy and Countrywide expects good communication skills of each one. They are to provide excellent advice and not make sermons. This respect for other people has gained a lot of favorable comments from clients. They like the idea that their employees are given priority attention by the counselors of Countrywide.

The New Year is rapidly approaching, and everyone is making plans for success in the coming months. We submit that one of the best tools that organization gives employees is a financial wellness plan. It could help anyone better reach those personal financial goals. Decision-makers may have questions about our benefits, and we encourage inquiries. Please do feel free to contact us with your questions. Make it a New Year’s resolution to include financial wellness in the organization benefits package.