Power Contact

Calls and Letters from Attorneys Have Clout

The best of all possible worlds would have people agreeing on contract terms and all product warranties and obligations honored without dispute. That really isn’t the case in modern society. There are all kinds of agreements, contracts, warranties, and arrangements people enter into for various reasons. It can happen that one of the parties either disputes or ignores what is in a legal document. Assistance from an attorney may be needed to get a resolution for these disputes, and such support is a legal benefit that many employees would appreciate having.

A Persuasive Contact

A good group legal plan allows for more than just a consultation. It permits a plan member to request the attorney make a phone call or write a letter on his or her behalf, attempting to persuade the other party to be reasonable. This is part of a legal benefit that has more power than one can imagine. It often happens that a landlord or a store will have second thoughts about ignoring obligations if either is contacted by an attorney. This legal professional can very diplomatically spell out the consequences of not living up to an agreement or warranty. While definitely not a threat, the communication can spell out what may happen as well as the benefit of coming to a resolution. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers as part of a group legal plan the ability for a person to have unlimited telephone calls and letters from an attorney on a given situation.

This is customer service that goes beyond just consultation and processing papers. It may take more than one letter or telephone call to make the other party see reason but that is covered. At the same time, the attorney can advise the plan member as to what really should be included in any communication. Disputes can leave a person very frustrated and cause that person to say or write things in the heat of the moment. Lawyers are able to calm things down a little bit and explain what the options are that are most effective. This person can suggest what ought to be conveyed to the other side, and enable a resolution to be arrived at quickly and in a very professional manner. Countrywide insists that attorneys have very good people skills. It means showing the patience and respect the plan member deserve to have. It is all part of the legal benefit service we believe is owed to all plan members.

Amazing Convenience For Employers

Administration is amazingly simple for any Countrywide group legal plan. We understand how employers don’t want to be burdened with administrative hassles, and so we don’t have any in our legal benefit plans. We have a number of options as far as funding and an employer can choose from employer paid, employee paid, or combination of both. It is up to the employers to decide. Countrywide has always offered flexibility in the design of a group legal plan. Organizations are different and have particular needs. We do our very best to respond to those needs, and that is why we tailor any legal benefit service to better reflect what the client would like.

Long drawn out hassles over leases or contracts are headaches that nobody really wants to deal with. We could not agree more. Our group plans are intended to help put an end to any impasse, and secure for plan member what is rightfully theirs to have. There are a number of other possible options an employer can consider, and we would welcome the opportunity to explain them. We invite any organization to get in touch with us so that we can explain all the services we can provide.

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