Avoiding a Holiday Nightmare

ID Theft is a very real Danger

Christmas shopping is a time when people go off their budgets and purchase gifts in the holiday spirit. Some of these shoppers are in for a horrible shock. Even people who buy online from what they think are relatively secure websites run the risk of identity theft. Hackers can break into websites and steal personal information, including credit card numbers. It is entirely possible that either this credit card information will be used, or the hacker will use personal information to set up phony credit card accounts and start shopping madly. The real nightmare occurs when an individual discovers that his or her identity has been compromised. By that time the thief is long gone, and the victim is left to try to make sense of what has happened. It can take months to finally straighten up the mess and during that time an individual’s credit rating may be shattered.

Staying Vigilant

Any service that can protect identity is a superior legal benefit, particularly for those people who would rather not use cash when they shop. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does have identity theft/credit monitoring plans as voluntary benefits that employers may consider and these are the Platinum ID Protector Plan and the Premier ID Protector Plan. Both of these include $25,000 in identity theft insurance. They also have provisions for triple Bureau credit monitoring. The Platinum ID Plan allows for credit reports from ExperianTM, EquifaxTM, and TransUnionTM. These voluntary benefits enable a person to be alerted as quickly as possible in the event of an ID theft. Countrywide does not stop there, though, when it comes to providing this kind of legal benefit.

Experienced Legal Assistance

Identity theft can require a person to go through an extensive amount of paperwork to restore credit worthiness. A Countrywide group legal plan can have a theft prevention and assistance option which provides a Tool Kit to help a plan member on the road to restoring good credit ratings. This gives a step-by-step guide of what to do and who needs to be contacted to reconstruct identity. This can be a drawn-out process but another legal benefit to help restore credit is access to a network of experienced attorneys. These legal professionals can provide the advice and other assistance needed in restoring a good financial reputation. We make a point of screening these attorneys for their customer service skills. Identity theft is a traumatic experience for many people and the lawyers must show empathy and respect to the victim. All plan members of a Countrywide group legal plan receive the same courtesy. It is the unwritten benefit of what we offer.

Easy to Administer

Employers have always been impressed by how simple it is to manage one of our legal benefit plans. We will tailor any plan to best fit the needs of a given organization. We have voluntary benefits plans and other legal benefit options from which to choose, and the employer is welcome to pick what is most suitable. There is no stack of paperwork to complete. What we have are legal services that can be easily administered and are greatly appreciated by those who need them.

Christmas shouldn’t be a time of great anxiety brought on by the theft of personal information. Voluntary benefits such as identity theft/credit monitoring plans can ease a lot of anxiety, and a legal benefit plan providing credit restoring assistance eases a lot of anxiety. This type of assistance is perhaps the best help an employer can give to employees during the holiday shopping season. There are a number of other voluntary benefits that we offer and would welcome the opportunity to go over these in more detail. Please do feel free to contact us and ask as many questions as you like.

Give your employees the option to protect themselves against identity theft. Contact us today for a proposal!