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Legal Benefits can resolve serious problems

Good employee benefits are means by which a company can attract top talent. Whatever assistance an employer can give to make daily life easier is always appreciated, and modern society forces issues on people from every angle. Contracts and leases, wills and court cases, all can drive up the frustration levels of a hard-working employee. Group legal service plans are intended to help with problems that may involve legal intervention. The more comprehensive the benefit is, the greater value it has for a plan member.

The Elements of a Great Benefit

A group legal plan that truly provides service to plan members has to be able to cover situations that are fairly common in our increasingly legalistic society. The features should include things like review of contracts and legal documents, advice on how to deal with government agencies, assistance in drafting wills and powers of attorney, and help in matters that involve small claims court. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services designs group legal service plans that cover these areas and adds a little extra as well. The attorneys that are part of our legal network are required to accept an unlimited number of phone calls on a given situation, as well as make phone calls on behalf of plan members and write letters for them. Consumer protection advice is an additional benefit that can be part of a Countrywide group legal plan. Emergencies that require an attorney can happen anywhere, even when a person’s on vacation miles away from home. The Countrywide legal referral network can match a plan member up with an attorney in the area, guaranteeing that the person will have legal advice immediately.

Exceptional Convenience

Employers want to provide for hard-working associates but do not want to inherit a headache at same time. Countrywide appreciates that whatever is easy to administer is something that the employer would like to have. A group legal plan through
Countrywide has the following attributes that make administration fairly simple:
• no minimum participation required;
• Countrywide does not charge an administrative fee;
• no work related coverage for the employees is allowed.

Human resources will appreciate that no claims forms are required to be completed. The funding of a Countrywide legal services benefit has several options and an employer can choose to have the benefit employee paid, employer paid, or a combination of both. We have been developing group legal service plans for organizations of all sizes since 1987, and understand that no one type fits all. Countrywide is flexible enough to provide whatever the organization feels is best needed for all of the employees.

The Added Benefit

People seeking legal advice are often full of anxiety or incredibly frustrated. They want to be able to deal with somebody who has an understanding of emotional distress. Our attorneys are selected based not only on their expert legal knowledge, but on their people skills as well. These legal professionals are aware of the worry a plan member may have, and will take the time to explain all the options carefully and provide service with courtesy and respect. This is what we consider to be the added benefit of a Countrywide legal benefit plan. It is something that is appreciated by anyone who uses our services.

Employers want to keep their best people and do that with high quality benefits. Countrywide is committed to offering the very best group legal plan to any organization. Every plan member can expect the same level of service and courtesy. We also have other options that an employer may wish to consider in developing a comprehensive legal benefit for employees. Please do feel free to contact us about all we can provide.

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