Unraveling the Red Tape

There has been a lot of attention given to government agencies recently with the shutdown of the federal government and all that it entailed. Bureaucracy is not just at the federal level but is also part of state and local government. As a matter fact, people more often deal with the state and local levels to get things done. It sometimes can be quite a headache. There are all kinds of forms to be filled out and certain pieces of evidence have to be readily available in order to get needed service. Even very patient people can get quickly frustrated. Group legal service plans that allow for help with government requirements help a person get access to needed services quickly.

Interpreting the Guidelines

A serious challenge for a lot of ordinary citizens is the instructions and guidelines required to get government assistance. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has the Personal Legal Protector Plan which is a group legal plan that includes advice on government programs. This legal benefit provides access to a network of highly qualified attorneys. They will help any plan member understand complicated instructions, and how to apply for services. The assistance is not limited to one level of government. A Countrywide group legal plan will help plan members as they seek government help at the federal, state, or local levels. The attorneys are very aware of all the frustration a person can experience in trying to work with various public agencies. With patience and a sincere understanding of other people’s feelings, these lawyers give guidance with a very personal touch. People worry about the nuances of any government guidelines. They become concerned that a misunderstanding can result in not getting what is needed. The Countrywide lawyers zero in on what may be confusing language and strip away all of the uncertainty. Their counsel is supported by other options within a group legal plan designed by Countrywide. Unlimited attorney telephone calls on a given situation and the drafting of legal letters on behalf of a plan member all help in moving the process along.

Reducing the Wait Time

Group legal services plans should be able to speed up the pace. The wheels of government often move slowly and hours are spent in the application process. The Countrywide attorneys have a great understanding of how government operates and what is needed to keep things moving along. They are able to advise plan members on how to deal with certain agencies, and what expedites the process. Their expert understanding of the bureaucracy is a kind of benefit that allows a person to get needed service and/or government assistance without long waiting periods. It goes without saying that speeding up the process relieves an awful lot of frustration and anxiety for plan members.

Employers will appreciate just how effective a Countrywide group legal plan is and how the administration does not require a lot of administrative effort. Other group legal services plans may require a lot of work from human resources, but a Countrywide plan does not. We take great pride in being very flexible. We have provided legal benefits for all types of organizations since 1987 and we are aware of the many differences. We can design a legal benefit plan that reflects precisely what an organization needs to help its plan members. No citizen should have to be forced to go through a labyrinth in order to get the government assistance his or her tax dollars support. We will be more than happy to explain in greater detail the assistance we can provide in approaching government agencies, and the other benefit options we have. Please do feel free to contact us.

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