Consumer Protection at Christmas

Legal Assistance can assure a Quality Present

The Christmas shopping season is a time of year when companies showcase their new merchandise. It could be an amazing laptop or a great looking toy; these are all meant to make some considerable profit in a very short period of time. The products will ordinarily go through a very extensive quality assurance program but some defective models might slip through the cracks. A consumer has a right to some consideration if a defective product is purchased but the guaranties or warranties might not always be honored. A group legal plan that provides a degree of consumer protection as a legal benefit is extremely important at this time of year, and a great Christmas benefit for employees
The Hazard of the New Product

The difficulty with a new product line is that there’s been no customer experience with it. It can happen that the store management has no experience at all with the warranty, or the sales policy is still a little vague. Nevertheless, a product that is deficient merits a reimbursement but some store managers are little bit stubborn. A legal benefit covering consumer protection can end that reticence in a hurry. A Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services group legal plan such as the Personal Legal Protector Plan allows a plan member to have access to an experienced attorney.

This legal professional will provide the type of legal advice that is necessary to address the problem. He or she is also able to write letters or make telephone calls on behalf of a plan member. The experience that a Countrywide lawyer has with similar protection is combined with excellent personal skills. He or she realizes how frustrating it is to buy a Christmas present only to have it proven to be defective. The attorney will very carefully explain the options, and the plan member has the right to make as many phone calls to the attorney as needed in a given situation. This a legal benefit that is perfect for holiday shoppers. Stores are a little bit more willing to be reasonable if contact is made by an attorney. If the sales department is still a little bit stubborn, the attorney can then advise on how to go about filing an effective consumer complaint with the proper government agency. It may take a little more time, but the end result is ordinarily very satisfactory to the plan member.

Quick and Efficient Administration

Christmas season can cause a lot of stress. Employees try to focus on tasks but can be distracted by issues that arise from warranties not being honored. Employers can help with a group legal plan that assists an employee in obtaining justifiable reimbursement for an employee. Countrywide allows an employer the chance to do this with legal services that are very easy to administer. There is no red tape and a plan member gets immediate service to correct the problem.

We also understand that a legal benefit plan may be different from one organization to another. That is why we are as flexible as can be in all of our design work. Countrywide has offered group legal plan benefits for organizations since 1987. We have worked with corporations, nonprofit organizations, unions, and trade associations among other groups. All have expressed great satisfaction with the quality of our legal benefit plans, and the wonderful customer service that has been provided.

Holiday shopping is crazy enough without having to be faced with a bad Christmas morning surprise. Employers can help prevent that with legal services that promote consumer protection. We would like to be able to help any company safeguard its employees from faulty products, and we have other benefits that an employer may want to consider that offer further assistance to employees. Please do feel free to get in touch with us about all our legal services options.

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