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A Will Is Much More Than a Piece of Paper

There are those who believe a will is not necessary if there are only one or two beneficiaries. After all, everything does seem fairly cut and dry if the estate is divided evenly among those few survivors. That, unfortunately, is rather faulty logic. It is rare that an estate can be settled in such a straightforward fashion; there can be disputes. This is why a will is so critically important. The wording of the will is intended to stop some very nasty family feuds, while at the same time making certain that the wishes of the deceased are followed to the letter.

The Perils of Intestate

Intestate is defined as a person having died without leaving a will behind. It means there are no instructions from the deceased on what to do with the estate. This creates serious problems that start and end with probate court. The court will appoint an administrator for the estate, but this person is answerable to the court for all actions taken. Because of this the final settlement of the estate can drag on for a long period of time. The court also has the power to appoint a guardian over any minors and this may be someone the parents would not have wanted. An employer who offers a group legal plan with a legal benefit for drafting wills can make things much easier for the estate administration. It definitely helps employees provide greater security for surviving children.

More Efficient Execution

Without a doubt the legal benefit most commonly used in a Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services group legal plan is preparation of wills. The attorneys in the Countrywide network are available to help advise a person on how best to draft the document. Part of the Countrywide legal benefit is a free annual update. Situations change and it is possible the executor may unexpectedly pass away. The annual update enables a plan member to easily make a change of executor. It also allows the plan member to make revisions to the instructions the executor will follow, and make changes to the beneficiaries if that is necessary.

The obvious advantage of the legal benefit is how it prevents the estate from falling into a swamp of legal problems. The Countrywide group legal plan allows access to lawyers experienced in probate who know what has to be in a will to make it valid and workable. These professionals have excellent customer service skills, and can patiently explain to any person what has to be in the language of his or her will. The final consequence is a document that designates an executor, instructs that person on what is to be done with the estate, and protects the interests of those people who are named as beneficiaries. Such guidelines will enable an estate to move effortlessly through probate.

Superior Benefit Administration

All these services can help bring peace of mind to an employee. The attorneys help plan members put their affairs in order so an unexpected death will not cause a tragedy, eliminating that worry and allowing them to concentrate more on projects at work. Employers understand that having this kind of a benefit also shows them as a caring management; helping employees provide the best for their survivors. It is assistance which is greatly appreciated.

The administration of a Countrywide group legal plan is just as efficient as a well drafted will. Countrywide is very flexible in plan design, and will tailor any final benefit to the needs of the organization. A solid will gives great peace of mind to a plan member regardless of that person’s age. We would welcome the opportunity to explain how our legal services benefit can help in drafting a will and all the other benefit options we can provide for a hard working staff. Please feel free to call us about our services.

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