Controlling Presenteeism with Legal Services

Good legal support will reduce distractions

The look on it person’s face communicates the level of concentration. A supervisor can tell in a meeting when a subordinate is distracted by some outside event. Although this can happen occasionally, if it becomes a routine pattern it gets to be very serious. This behavior is known in management circles as presenteeism: physically being at work but not really contributing anything. People who exhibit presenteeism behavior can be seen at their cubicle staring off into space, or trying hard to focus without any success. It is a definite threat to productivity brought on by outside concerns. Managers search to find a way to reduce this phenomenon and there are voluntary benefit plans that can help. The outside support that comes with a group legal plan can eliminate some very serious distractions.

Lowering the Stress

People become anxious about things they are unfamiliar with, and legal matters can be absolutely bewildering. Trying to deal with the complexities of a government agency in order to get needed benefits or filing a consumer complaint can be maddening. These and other complicated legal matters are very distracting for those involved. It would be no surprise that someone in the middle of a contract dispute would be more concerned with clauses hidden in the document than a work deadline. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can design a group legal plan that takes a lot of worry off a hard-working employee’s shoulders. This lets an employer have an employee paid benefit plan allowing access to a network of highly skilled attorneys. These legal experts can offer the kind of advice and guidance a person needs to get out of statutory swamps.

The Countrywide group legal plan is administered with genuine empathy and concern for the plan members. The attorneys know how stressful a legal problem can be, and they perform services such as reviewing contracts and helping prepare evidence for a small claims court hearing. Those enrolled in a Countrywide employee paid benefit plan don’t have to worry about drafting letters to the other party in a legal dispute; the attorneys will do that. Wills are less of a bother when a legal expert prepares the estate documents. All these services have the intent of letting a person rest easy; secure in the knowledge that complicated legal matters are under control. It allows an important employee to concentrate time on those critical work projects.

Flexibility When It is needed.

Countrywide has been developing group legal plan benefits for organizations since 1987. We have worked with clients who are companies, unions, associations, and nonprofits among other various groups. We know from our experience that no one size fits all and that is why we are so flexible in developing legal services benefits for clients.

We also do our best to make administration as simple as possible. No one wants to spend tedious hours administering a benefit plan and ours are very easy to operate. We will do whatever the employer feels is best for the workforce, and include those management decisions in the final design. Plan members receive the same level of courtesy and respect regardless of a person’s job title.

Stress and worry can hinder creative thoughts. An employee needs to be able to concentrate free of any outside concerns. Employers can help remove the burden of worry with a benefit that provides the kind of assistance needed to make complicated problems go away. Countrywide can offer a voluntary benefit that will cut down on the incidence of presenteeism in the workplace. We would welcome the opportunity to explain further how what we are able to do will end distracting legal challenges.

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