Increasing Productivity by Decreasing Absenteeism

Group Legal Plans can carry the load for an employee

An empty cubicle is certainly not a good sign. It means that an employee has not reported to work, or has left before the day is over due to a personal matter. Employers cringe at the possibility of a valued employee not being available as a deadline draws near. Various strategies are used to discourage absenteeism, including financial incentives and attendance rewards. An employer can reduce levels of absenteeism by offering voluntary benefits to provide an employee with needed outside assistance. This would let that person continue working on a project without having to leave the office. One such labor sharing benefit is a group legal plan.

Carrying the Load

Legal support doesn’t always mean representing a plan member in court. The biggest time consumer for any legal issue is the research involved. Anyone inexperienced in statutory affairs has to dig deep into the law code and/or the language of a contract to find solutions. A person’s lack of familiarity with consumer protection rights can result in hours spent trying to properly file a complaint. Evidence for a small claims court issue has to be collected and organized. These are all situations where an employee may have no choice but to take a day off.

A legal services plan like the Personal Legal Protector Plan offered by Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is an amazing timesaver for any plan member. It gives a person the services of an attorney who understands the nuances of government agencies and what to look for in a contract. This legal professional can do a lot of the legwork for person enrolled in an employee paid benefit offering legal services. The attorney can make necessary phone calls on behalf of a plan member, and draft the necessary documents and letters needed to move a legal dispute forward.
There is no need to take time off from work to meet with the attorney although face-to-face consultations are covered, because a Countrywide group legal benefit provides for unlimited telephone consultations. Time-consuming chores such as preparing a living will or medical power of attorney can be left to an attorney. The employee does not have to devote hours of time to any of these legal matters, because a group legal plan provided by Countrywide will carry the load for that person. The plan member can devote more time to projects at the office.

Flexible Design

Employers appreciate how flexible Countrywide is when a group legal plan is designed. We have offered employee paid benefits plans to cover legal services since 1987, and organizations of all sizes have used our service. It is entirely possible that a company does not need or want a particular part of the Personal Legal Protector Plan. We respect their decision and will work with them to develop a benefit that fits their needs. Whatever is finally designed is extremely easy to administer. Any provision of a Countrywide service comes with the best customer service possible. It is a feature of the Countrywide group legal plan that every employer can expect to see.

Competition in the modern business world is fierce to say the very least and all hands are needed on deck for major projects. An employee paid benefit that offers legal services can keep a valuable team player in the office concentrating on major assignments. Countrywide offers a number of options that can be included in a legal services benefit that helps employees and management at the same time. We would be happy to go over in greater detail all we can provide that allows employees to spend more time reaching corporate goals and objectives. Please feel free to call us about any and all of our legal services options.

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