Pre-Paid Legal Services Keep Good Employees in the Office

Superior, happy employees are a business’ greatest asset. Sure, a good business might look like a well-oiled machine, but if one crucial part stops working, the entire mechanism is halted. It goes without saying that not enough importance can be placed on valuing employees who work toward the organization’s common goal. Pre-paid legal services can help you show your value.

As an employer, you already offer your employees a great benefits package. You make sure they and their families can get affordable, quality health care. Heck, you might even make sure they get vacation time so they stay super-charged and efficient at work. Why not, then, include a valuable legal services package in your employees’ benefits program?

One in two couples will divorce eventually. In Pennsylvania alone in 2009, there were 121,242 reported car accidents, 87,126 of those resulting in injuries. Just these two common situations alone cause a significant amount of strife in an employee’s personal life. When an employee starts to worry about solving and paying for any legal issues that shall arise, they start to become a broken link within the organization.

Pre-paid legal services helps prevent absenteeism as well as keeping employees focused while they are on the job. Pre-paid legal services at Countrywide can be added to benefits packages and paid for through voluntary payroll deductions, paid by the employer, or by both employee and employer. A pre-paid legal services benefit option could not be easier -no minimum participation, no administrative fees, no claim forms, and no work related coverage (for employees).

You invest in your employees personal lives. A happy employee makes your well-oiled machine stay afloat. Why not invest in their legal stability through a credentialed network of attorneys?