Money Pit Protection with Pre-Paid Legal Services

We live in a busy world. Often, when one wants things done around our homes, they turn to experts to take on the challenge for us. When one hires a contractor to complete work in their home, they are putting their very sanctuary in the hands of another person. Therefore, one needs to be prepared for the worst as they hope for the best when signing themselves up to have construction done on their home.

As reported by NBC News, some home contractors are often not what they appear to be. Victoria Corderi reports, “The home contracting industry nationally does $200 billion in business each year. There certainly are many honest contractors. But authorities estimate that millions of dollars are lost to unscrupulous ones.” Just ask the single mother in the article who hired a contractor to remodel her home -instead of a finished basement, the contractor left the home in shambles. The homeowner, left to fix the rotting foundation the contractor left behind, is facing foreclosure and debt exceeding $100,000. Often, there is no legal recourse for homeowners who have their trust violated by seedy contractors.

Pre-paid legal services can ensure that homeowners may rest assured while they have contracting work done on their homes. Instead of signing an unscrupulously written contract without knowing it, pre-paid legal services can provide document review services so a homeowner knows exactly what to expect during the course of their home repair or remodeling.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offer members (who can enroll on an individual basis or as part of a benefits package through their employer) a team of credentialed attorneys to review contracts and documents for them. After reviewing documents, an attorney from the pre-paid legal services network lets one know what they might otherwise might miss hidden in the language of the contract. By only signing a contract after careful legal review, a homeowner saves themselves from being left with a contractor’s costly and unsightly mess in the event that something goes awry.