Bankruptcy victims benefit from legal service plans

People make the mistake of labeling anyone who has needed to declare bankruptcy in New York as someone who has lost their job. The fact is that over forty percent of people who declare bankruptcy still have their job; the problem is they no longer make enough money to support themselves and therefore have to declare bankruptcy. You cannot declare on your own and there are too many legal matters to address. There are dozens of things that can play a part in declaring bankruptcy while you still have your job. A spouse loses their job, interest rates on loans sky rocket, you are being sued, you have suffered from identity theft, your savings was drained due to poor investing, and so many more possibilities. Finding the right legal help is important but it will not be cheap. There is a lot of work that needs to be done and if you are unable to find the right representation this matter can grow even more complicated for you.

This is why people who have prepaid legal services offered through their work have an easier time filing for bankruptcy than those who do not have some type of prepaid legal services. The numbers do not lie; the majority of people who have pre-paid legal services offered directly through their employer are able to have all legal matters taken care of within half the time when compared to those who do not have this service offered to them through work. Another interesting fact is that this service also is much cheaper than if you are forced to find legal assistance on your own. The way Pre-Paid Legal Services at Countrywide works is that it is an employee benefit offered through your human resources department. That means it is paid with small payroll deductions which makes payments much easier on you. Also rather than having to find your own attorney which can sometimes feel like playing pin the tail on the donkey with a phone book, you are connected to a vast network of qualified, certified, and experienced attorneys. The great thing about this network of attorneys is that you will have access to someone who has direct experience in the area you need help with. So if you need to file bankruptcy, you will have a bankruptcy attorney to help you. These services cannot be beaten if you are searching for help on your own, and there is no way you will find more affordable legal services.