Overlooked employee benefits in Seattle, Washington: Prepaid legal services

When you look at which employee benefit is the most valuable you have to look at more than convenience. Yes it is great to have health insurance that lets you worry about getting healthy rather than paying the doctors’ bills but are you really getting an amazing deal with health insurance offered by your employer? Studies have shown that over thirty percent of people who have medical coverage through their employer are actually paying more than they would if they found their own policy elsewhere. People assume that having legal service plans provided through their employer is a less valuable benefit than medical coverage. However, if you compare the two there is a clear cut winner and that is pre-paid legal services at Countrywide. The reason this is the clear cut winner is because it is impossible to get the same kind of service for the same price without using prepaid legal services.

If you have to deal with any legal matter, personal injury, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, buying a home, identity theft, legal documents, or anything else then you are going to need the assistance of an attorney. Without the assistance of an attorney you could be putting your financial wellbeing in serious jeopardy. However, signing up for legal service plans through your employer just so you have access to an attorney at all times is not the main reason why you would want this benefit. The main reason you would want this benefit is because there is no possible way you will find a better deal financially for the assistance of an experienced attorney.

The way Countrywide works is that it gives you unlimited access to a network of qualified, reliable, and experienced attorneys who specialize in the field you need assistance in. Rather than searching through the phone books to find someone all you have to do is tap into the network that is available to you at all times. And what is the cost of this great resource? You do not have to worry about that because prepaid legal services are covered through small payroll deductions. The shock is that these small payroll deductions are actually much smaller than that of medical coverage yet people still think that the best benefit to have is health insurance. Some skeptics may also believe that you will not need legal assistance as much as you will need medical assistance and they may have a point. However, ask anyone who has recently gone through a rough divorce what was more expensive for them the past year, their health care or their attorney’s fees? The answer may surprise you.