Real Estate Do’s and Don’ts from a legal standpoint

The real estate market in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and other parts of the country for that matter are very interesting right now and there’s a way prepaid legal services can have an impact. There are different points of view in the real estate market, some people are looking to take advantage of the low prices, desperate sellers, and buying either a home for themselves or an investment property. Other people are in over their heads and will soon be facing foreclosure or even bankruptcy. Whichever side you are on, you will benefit greatly from legal assistance whether you realize it or not. Need link and key word
Let’s use the example of someone who is in danger of foreclosure or even bankruptcy. Many lenders have grown tired of playing nice and trying to be patient with you while you try to get back on your feet. They send threats; even refuse payments so they can start the process of foreclosure early. You may think it’s a joke but some lenders actually have refused payments because they feel the homeowner will continue to struggle making them. If you had pre-paid legal services provided by your employer you would be able to get an experienced attorney who could help you fight the lender and their bullying tactics.

What if you are doing great financially and you are looking to buy a new home either for yourself or as an investment property? There will be little need for an attorney because everything will pretty much be cut and dry right? Chances are you are buying a property that is either in foreclosure or has desperate owners. But what if you agree to a price and then come to find out there are termites? What if you discover the house needs a new roof? What are your options then? That’s when having pre-paid legal services at Countrywide will come in handy because you have unlimited consultations with an experienced attorney to find out the answers to all your real estate questions.

The way prepaid legal services works is your employer offers it to you through your employee benefits packages. If you agree to have the legal service plans it is paid by small payroll deductions. If you ever need legal assistance then you simply contact the vast network of local attorneys who are well qualified to assist you with any legal matter you may have. Another great benefit is that you do not pay for consultations, including face to face ones as everything is already paid through the legal service plans benefit. This gives you great legal assistance anytime you need it at a price that is impossible to beat on your own.