Prepaid Legal and Hurricane Irene, Part Two

“I called off work on a Monday morning the weekend after Irene hit,” Paul Schollenberger says. He went on, “My basement was a flooded mess.” Schollenberger got to experience first-hand how unfortunate it is to not have legal counsel for insurance issues. Prepaid legal services could have helped to be the calm after the storm.

“I had no idea my homeowner’s policy did not include flood insurance,” Schollenberger reflected. He, like so many others, figured that reading comprehension and patience was enough to be able to decipher legal documents. Sadly, legal jargon and formalities used in binding legal documents often require an attorney to interpret.

Countrywide Prepaid Legal Services can help provide counsel to employees in need of review of legal documents. In fact, at Countrywide, members (who can sign up for benefits individually, or through employment benefits and pay via simple pay-roll deductions) receive unlimited legal counsel. This includes, but is not limited to, the aforesaid legal document review, unlimited telephone consultation, and legal letters on the individual’s behalf. All of this is, of course, included in one fee -far more affordable than an expensive retainer that dwindles quickly!

Schollenberger committed himself to a homeowner’s policy thinking his home, though not in a popular flood zone, was insured to be repaired from any natural disaster damage. “I’m fixing everything myself, and I just got done putting the rec room in to begin with! I’m practically depleting my savings,” says Schollenberger. He added that his issues from flood damage are not merely cosmetic. The aforementioned rec room is growing mold, which is an obvious health hazard.

Not only has Schollenberger had to miss a day of work immediately after Irene, but many subsequent days. He noted that for weeks after, and until recently, he has missed half and entire days from work. He says, “Oh yeah, new guys down here everyday. Pumping the water out, then contractors giving estimates. Now mold experts. I have to meet with them all, and pay them all.”

Certainly, prepaid legal services could have been put to good use for Schollenberger. Had his homeowner’s policy been reviewed before the contract was signed, Schollenberger would be more present (and productive) in the office. And his prized Phillies jersey wouldn’t be lost to mud stains.

“Yeah […] can’t replace that. Can’t afford that again! That’s what I get for not putting it in a frame, I guess.”