Prepaid Legal and Hurricane Irene, Part One

In our last blog, we discussed the possibilities facing homeowners after Hurricane Irene rained down upon the east coast. Often, homeowners are under the impression that their homeowner’s policy protects them from almost anything, including flooding and storm damage. Unfortunately, homeowners insurance policies can be very nuanced and complicated. One might lack certain coverage that they think they have. Prepaid legal services can help assure that one’s policy protects them in the way they imagine.

Hurricane Irene brought floodwaters to those who normally do not see them. Those new to being touched by flooding surely got a rapid-fire lesson in homeowner’s policies, having never had to file such a claim -or, for that matter, finding out they could not.

Paul Schollenberger is one of those who got a startling reply after inquiring with his homeowner’s insurance provider post-Irene. Schollenberger, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a 26-year-old college graduate. After moving back home with his parents after graduation, Schollenberger scrimped and saved from his first paychecks as an advertising consultant. Eventually, he was able to put a down-payment on a house.

“It’s not much, just a row home in the town I grew up in,” says Schollenberger. He went on, “I love it though. Did all the renovations myself.” Schollenberger is now in a financial nightmare, trying to salvage his first home and pride and joy in the wake of Hurriance Irene and a lack of prepaid legal services.