Prepaid Legal To Guide Through Post-Irene Life

You have braved your local grocery store. Fought your way through the chaotic aisles and shoved your neighbor out of the bottled beverage section faster than you rushed to the store. Alas, no bottled water. There’s a storm coming, this time a hurricane, and you are not the only one thinking about stocking up on essentials. Back to the car to try another store. Eventually, you are settled in, canned foods and bottled water in the pantry, when the rain comes. And comes. The basement floods. Hail dents the siding. There is nothing you can do but watch as the damage ensues. Would you feel better if you knew prepaid legal services were bearing the storm with you?

You should. As this article from ABC News points out, the storm might just be the beginning of your problems. The damage done to your home can be devastating. If you think your home owner’s policy has got you covered, you might just want to think again. Ed Rogan, of the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance says that most general home owner’s policies do not contain flood insurance. Not only are you not covered, but you might not know it, says Rogan. Prepaid legal services can provide an additional safety net for you so you can rest assured with your bottled water as the storm beats upon your home.

With prepaid legal services through Countrywide, you can have an attorney take the time to review legal documents, like your home owner’s policy, without a hefty retainer. Sure, you are not a fool, but all that legal jargon and the plethora of stipulations might just catch you, and by the time you realize it, you and your home might just be six feet under water. It is best to have an attorney review all contracts you plan on entering before you sign on the dotted line. Further, in the event that you have an unhandled claim, you can rest comfortably, knowing you have the legal firepower behind you to fight your case.