Preventing a Domestic War – A Simple Will Stops a Family Feud


Group Legal Plans encourage members to use the simple will drafting benefit. It isn’t too complicated and a simple will determines how an estate is distributed. It prevents a lot of probate court hassles and there is something else even more important. This pre-paid legal services option can prevent a major family feud.

Estates Can Be Messy

A death in the family will bring loved ones together in a spirit of mutual grieving and sympathy. The estate left behind can pull that same family apart and create domestic chaos. Relatives can grumble about what is specified in a will but that is all they can do. However, in an estate without a will a family can quickly become involved in a vicious battle.

The probate court becomes intimately involved. An administrator is appointed by the bench and reports directly to the court. There is no executor to keep things running smoothly. Family disputes over who gets what can create hard feelings that take years to reconcile. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is a Group Legal Plan vendor that has drafting simple wills as an option.

Countrywide Attorneys Will Draft a Simple Will

Our nationwide network of attorneys places a legal professional in a client organization’s community. It is simple to set up a face-to-face meeting with a lawyer and drafting a will is not difficult.

A simple will is no more than six pages long and that is usually enough for a Group Legal Plan member. The attorney goes over what a will needs and takes careful note of whom the beneficiaries are.

The attorney provides seasoned advice about wills and estates. The executor is critical because this person makes certain everything is done as per the deceased’s wishes, and the attorney will go over that with the Plan member. A Countrywide attorney stays current with probate law and any revisions. The final copy of the will is consistent with the law. The lawyer will make certain the papers are properly filed with the court and any other public agency.

Employers Are Consulted

We have provided Group Legal Plan services for over 30 years. Countrywide works with all kinds of organizations but each client has a unique workforce. Some of our benefits might not be important to an organization’s employees.

Countrywide asks clients to choose what benefit options they want in the final plan. Decision-makers will help craft a document with the right pre-paid legal services in it. Countrywide will assure the efficient administration of all the options.

Countrywide Helps in Other Ways

Several secondary benefits are part of every plan. Telephone calls and letters on legal stationery can be done on the client’s behalf. We also permit an unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney on a given topic.

When it comes to the simple wills, we have a special service: annual reminders. A will is created at a given point in time. Events will change over the years and beneficiaries may die or executives may need to be replaced. People forget to make changes to the will and that can cause some trouble.

We will send out annual reminders to plan members about the wills we have created for them. These will be reminders that they should look at the will and decide whether changes should be made. Reminders permit plan members to bring a will up to date and make any modifications.

Wills are the most common pre-paid legal services benefit. Employees appreciate this service because it helps them keep family differences from becoming serious calamities. Our attorneys will approach the subject of a last will with understanding and sympathy. We know this is a very delicate matter and our attorneys show patience and empathy with every plan member.

If you have any questions about our Group Legal Plan benefits, please feel free to contact us. We welcome the opportunity to explain what Countrywide can do for your employees. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like.