Preventing a Serious Heartbleed

Identity Theft Prevention protects Personal Finances

A very serious security breach has recently shocked the Internet world. The computer virus known as “Heartbleed” was reported to have broken into the security of thousands of service providers. Passwords, usernames, and other security measures were compromised by this virus. The major sites have moved quickly and patched up the problem. However, a threat like this should make a consumer be a little more sensitive about identity theft. Those who are members of a voluntary benefit plan that has ID theft prevention should be thankful they have such protection.

The Danger is real
A mega virus is something that makes the news but ordinary breaches of security rarely do. Oftentimes, hackers work quietly and nobody knows until it is too late that his or her security has been compromised. The result is a major nightmare. The victim of identity theft is forced to try to reconstruct credit ratings as well as undo any other financial damage. A group legal plan that has an identity theft option can offer a very important service in such a crisis. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a voluntary benefit plan that provides excellent protection. The Platinum ID Protector Plan provides a number of protection services that a plan member can use including:

• Daily credit monitoring with alerts;
• Monthly credit score updates;
• Three credit scores and Reports (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion);
• $25,000 of identity theft insurance;
And other services that make identity theft protection a superior option to include in any overall group legal plan.

The Very Best Customer Service
We understand how nervous a person feels who has had ID security compromised. Our customer support people are there to help and not lecture. A voluntary benefit plan member will know that his or her questions and concerns will be addressed immediately by our staff. Everyone is provided with exemplary customer service. This type of personal touch has calmed the nerves of numerous victims of identity theft. The identity theft insurance of the Platinum ID Protector Plan can be a superior part of a comprehensive group legal plan. The insurance covers costs related to the ID theft. These include the reasonable and necessary costs of:

• Refiling applications for loans that may been rejected due to stolen identity;
• Affidavits being notarized, as well as telephone calls and the proceeds needed to make the financial records accurate once again;
• Fees incurred by using an approved attorney.
Indeed, employees who are aware of this type of service appreciate having ID protection as a voluntary benefit plan.

We Work with the Client
Protection against identity theft is just one of the features of a comprehensive group legal plan we can offer. We also have the Personal Legal Protector Plan which provides superior legal benefits. We work with employers to develop the kind of voluntary benefit plans that will be of service to the employees. Countrywide has designed legal plan options since 1987 for all types of organizations. We can tailor any of our benefits to better suit individual client needs. The administration of any of our voluntary benefit plans is intentionally made as simple as possible so benefits can be used immediately.

Identity theft can be a major punch in the stomach. The anxiety and worry of a plan member is dramatically reduced when he or she understands the benefits made available to them through Countrywide. We move quickly to help restore financial integrity and credit stability. Our staff is always ready to provide needed assistance. Countrywide does offer a number of legal options that can provide both protection and service employees need to feel secure.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with a human resources director or decision-maker about group legal services. Please feel free to contact us.