Protection from Faulty Merchandise

Consumer Protection is a Valued Legal Benefit

A major automobile company recently announced the recall of hundreds of thousands of cars. It was the result of defects in the vehicle and it made the evening news nationwide. Large stories like that are newsworthy but they are not the only instance of poor craftsmanship. Regrettably, many consumers are at the mercy of unethical business practices and do not have any means of legal protection.

Consumers Are at Constant Risk

It might not be as major as a set of defective automobile brakes, but consumers can be exposed to problems brought on by less than acceptable products and practices. A malfunctioning television or faulty plumbing that is not up to housing code are all challenges that a consumer faces. Unethical companies and service providers often aren’t worried about consequences. Many people do not have a voluntary benefit plan for legal assistance and cannot effectively process a consumer complaint. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is very sensitive to the possibility of harm being done to consumers. It is why consumer protection advice is one of the benefits offered in a Countrywide group legal plan.

The Power of the Network

A voluntary benefit plan provided by Countrywide offers the kind of legal assistance that a consumer seeking justice can use. Lawyers are made available who have experience in consumer protection and know how to process a complaint. They can help a group legal plan member seek restitution for the shoddy service provided by a housing contractor, or a less than ethical merchant. Legal services include more than advice. A voluntary benefit for legal services offered by Countrywide also provides for legal communication. The lawyer can make telephone calls or write letters on behalf of a plan member. A person who sells defective products or provides less than acceptable service may get a little nervous if a phone call is received from attorney. It may be in their best interest to make things right rather than have a consumer complaint successfully processed against them. The attorney from a Countrywide plan can also make suggestions on how to use local government to seek redress. The advice and assistance gives a consumer the kind of tools necessary to guard against unsavory business practices.

The Right Touch

The plan member is treated like royalty in a Countrywide voluntary benefit plan. All the attorneys recognize the importance of superior customer service and it is provided to every person who is enrolled in a Countrywide group legal plan benefit. The attorneys will respond to an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given situation, and there are no problems scheduling a face-to-face consultation if a plan member wishes that. Countrywide has received favorable comments from people who are enrolled in the voluntary benefit plans about how they were treated. We make everyone know right from the start that their problem is ours to solve, and we do what is necessary to achieve a just resolution.

Our experience in designing group legal plan benefits goes back to 1987. We have worked with all kinds of organizations to help provide a benefit plan that offers great legal assistance to all plan members enrolled. We understand human resources departments don’t want a lot of administrative trivia to deal with, and we make sure our plans are very easy to operate. We also are extremely flexible and will tailor plans to meet the specific needs of a client organization. Countrywide has a number of benefit options, each of which can provide an employee the kind of consumer legal protection he or she would sincerely appreciate.

We welcome the opportunity to be of service and invite any action party to contact us today about our legal benefits.

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