Problems Dealing with Government

Help Dealing with Government AgenciesMany people need help navigating government agencies’ bureaucracy and red tape. It can be a daunting task that requires patience. Waiting times can be lengthy and frustrating. Usually, it is worth your while to call ahead or look at the agency’s protocols before walking into the building. There are also online resources for submitting documentation or filing paperwork.

A brilliant idea to break your task into manageable chunks, so you always have a clear idea of what is expected. There are ways to get through the red tape.

Getting Things Done

Group legal plans sometimes have services that a person can use to navigate the bureaucracy. They rely on attorneys to offer the advice necessary to get through the corridors and go to the correct office. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a group legal plan benefit that is very effective.

We use a nationwide network of attorneys to assist plan members. They offer the type of advice necessary to get things done. The primary benefits these attorneys have is that they know how to deal with bureaucrats. As a result, a Countrywide lawyer can point a group legal plan member in the right direction and give suggestions on how to minimize the waiting time and quicken the pace of public employees.


The Primary Tips 

Generally speaking, a person can get through the maze by being well-prepared.

  1. An individual looking for government help should approach an agency with all relevant documents and records.
  2. Research matters when dealing with government agencies. It means checking the agency’s website to find out what they can do for you and how the agency provides service.
  3. Pay close attention to what the Countrywide lawyer tells you to do. There are some things about government agencies that many people don’t understand. For example, the proper paperwork must be submitted, the applications must be filled out completely and signed, and deadlines must be met. That last point is essential because missing a deadline can result in starting all over again.
  4. Be pleasant in any dealings. Yelling at a public employee is not going to help. These people have good intentions, and they also have guidelines they must follow. No one is trying to make things difficult for a citizen: a pleasant personality and a willingness to cooperate are critical for getting the best service. The adage that you can catch more flies with a spoonful of honey than you can with a barrel of vinegar applies when working with the government.


Countrywide Provides Great Assistance 

We’ve been very successful in helping plan members obtain the assistance they require from the government. Countrywide has an attorney in the community of every client organization, and this person is ready to provide pre-paid legal services when contacted. The advice our attorneys give solve numerous problems.

We know communication is essential, so we want our attorneys to have excellent personal skills. Emotional intelligence means a lot when dealing with group legal plan members. We want to see that in our lawyers, and we recruit based on an ability to listen and empathize. Our clients can expect all their employees to be treated courteously and with respect.

Countrywide works with clients to develop the benefit. We offer pre-paid legal services options that help with everyday problems. We understand that a prospective client may only want some of our services, which is OK with us. We explain every group legal plan benefit option to the management of prospective clients and ask them to decide which services they would like to have. Those choices are part of the final pre-paid legal services benefit. We will provide member services and administration.

A visit to a government agency does not have to be a trip to the dentist; it can be painless and quick. We would welcome any chance to explain our benefits to you. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience.